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Essay on Project Management

Recognize the impact of environmental factors on international projects. The ethical dilemma about the above mentioned topic is about to motivate or force the employees and worker to work and perform their responsibilities in the inclement weather. If we look at the case study of module 6 about the Franklin Equipment, Ltd and its prospect project in the Abu-Zhabi, it is the country that is located in the dessert region; therefore, the unbearable extraordinary temperature will be key and utmost barrier to meet the project deadlines. This ethical dilemma is the big challenge for the project manager to meet the deadline with maintaining the quality and for employees to maintain their health issues. Quality Management

To maintain and manage the quality of product and services in any particular project is inevitable because the Quality Management and its level are directly related to the organization’s goodwill and reputation. The level of Quality Management is the catalyst to define the business life. The ethical dilemma behind the Quality Management is again to motivate the workforce or project team to work in inclement weather and to face the challenges of entirely different culture, here it is being talked about Franklin Equipment, Ltd and its project. In the perspective of Quality Management it will be a big challenge to make strict corrective action in case of any diversion because of the above mentioned weather and cultural issues. Therefore, cautions and thorough analysis will be inevitable to meet the Quality standard and before making any strict corrective decision.

Explain cross cultural considerations in project management
The cross cultural diversification is the another highly crucial issue for the project manager and the project team both because in the Abu-Zahbi project, there are variety of different culture that the project team will has to face such as Indian and Pakistani culture, you can find them with the overwhelming percentage. It should be noticed that both entities has the bitter history from their independence. Furthermore, you can watch the bonding between the local and other Muslims because of the same religion, therefore, it will be an ethical dilemma to appreciate or depreciate the one’s skills and struggles. Ethical issues

Because of the majority of the Muslim population, it will be sensitive ethical dilemma to have alcohol and to provide it to  the other team members during the working hours when other Muslim worker are with them and/or have the alcohol on the public areas. Because of the addiction (in some extent) or the habitual use of beer in the western societies it will be the dilemma, how to encourage and motivate the non-Muslim workforce without having beer openly. Organizing the work

In project management, to achieve the deadline, proper organization is inevitable. Without proper organization it is impossible to work efficiently and to meet the deadlines. The ethical dilemma in organization about the work is how to pick the right person for right job in right time because as mentioned above that, because of the sensitive cross-cultural issue it will be the sensitive task to pick and assign the appropriate person, therefore, without proper and solid reasoning it could be the jeopardy for the project and for the project team as well. Describe the project auditing and project close-out process. The project auditing is about the have the thorough and critical look on the each and every aspect of the completed project and its dimensions to identify any type of anomalies. The ethical dilemma inside this activity is how to be remain impartial during the whole auditing process and in identifying and reporting the each and every dimension that require diligent attention. The ethical dilemma is that to work as a team, a social engineering’s role plays its game and to be remain impartial is a big challenge for the auditor. While in the process of project...
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