Buyer Behavior

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MKTG1047 Market Research

MKTG1047 Market Research The Marketing Research Process
Lecture 2
Prepared by: Dr Linda J. Robinson

• Recap: What we discussed yesterday ☺ • This lecture covers: –Research process –Research designs –Problem definition

• We will also be forming groups for the project and discussing the project topic

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You should remember from yesterdays lecture: • What is marketing research is? – Definition; Applied vs. basic research • What role does MR play in business strategy? • When should MR be conducted? • What is the difference between data, information and intelligence? • What are the characteristics that describe data? • When you would hire a research agency and when you would conduct the research internally? • What is included in a typical research brief?

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MKTG1047 Market Research


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Evaluation and monitoring

Clarification Revision

Management decision making

Description of the problem or opportunity


6. Report preparation and presentation

5. Data preparation, analysis and interpretation

The Marketing Research Process
Data Management
4. Data collection

1. Problem definition and setting research objectives

2. Research design

3. Sampling

Step 1: Problem definition and setting research objectives
• Why is proper problem definition so important?
–The right answer to the wrong question may be worthless or even harmful. –Coca–Cola and new Coke formula. –The specific problem is often vague. “…problems are usually buried under symptoms, memos, records, opinions and (sometimes) egos.” - Chapman, 1989

• A problem definition:
–Indicates a specific marketing decision to be clarified or problem to be solved –Specifies research questions to be answered and the objectives of the research –Involves several interrelated steps. RMIT University© LR2011 6

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MKTG1047 Market Research

The process of problem definition
Ascertain the decisionmaker’s objectives Determine the relevant variables

Determine the unit of analysis

Understand the background of the problem

Isolate and identify the problems, not the symptoms

State the research questions and research objectives

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Step 2: Research Design
A master plan that specifies the methods and procedures for collecting and analyzing the needed information. 2. Research Design Exploratory Research Design Conclusive Research Design Casual Research

Descriptive Research Qualitative methods

Quantitative methods

3. Sampling
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Exploratory, Descriptive & Causal


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MKTG1047 Market Research

Uncertainty and Research Design
Exploratory research Descriptive research Casual research

Decreasing certainty
Degree of problem definition

Increasing certainty Problem clearly defined

Unaware of problem

Aware of problem

Possible situation faced

“Our sales are declining and we don’t know why”

“What kinds of people buy our product? Who buys our competitors’ products?”

“Would buyers prefer this new package design?”

“Would buyers be interested in this new product idea?”

“What features do buyers prefer in our product?”

“Which of theses two ad campaigns is more effective?”

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Exploratory Research
• Exploratory Research –Conducted to clarify ambiguous situations or discover ideas that may be potential business opportunities. –Initial research conducted to clarify and define the nature of a problem. –Does not provide conclusive evidence –Subsequent research expected –Particularly useful in new product development. –Exploratory Research and Problem Solving –Symptoms – observable cues that serve as a signal of a...
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