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AMN442 Final Exam
The final exam consist of 6 questions:
PART A: 4 questions x 8’ ------200 words per question (20-30 lines)
Allocate about 15 minutes for each of these.
PART B: 2 questions x 14’------500 words per question
Allocate about 30 minutes for each of these.
Constructing an answer:
showing you know the theory relating to the question, as outlined in the text and lecture notes, linking this to other relevant concepts in the overall discipline of marketing and even beyond showing you know how to interpret and apply, recognise and identify the application of this knowledge with reference to good examples of marketing practice. Diagrams/tables are good which show information in an organised concise way.

A manufacturer of household goods which includes small appliances and general low price furnishings is expanding into the Australian market. Explain to their manager what you would recommend as the most appropriate distribution strategy options. Answer hints:

A good answer to any question on how to use a marketing strategy [be it any of the marketing mix areas or competitive strategy, positioning etc.]begins with a brief coverage of relevant theory and options You then select which one[s] you would recommend for the situation. This would include briefly outlining arrangements and activities involved. As in any answer, whenever you make a recommendation, explain / justify why you think this is appropriate. Always try to include / incorporate examples of application in your answer.

Select and briefly explain any two research methodologies commonly used in marketing. Your answer should explain how each is conducted and also the benefits of that methodology. Use examples situations where that method is appropriate. Answer hints:

Begin with brief overview of key considerations that guide research methodology. This may include or lead to outlining the steps in the research process. If the...
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