Business of Tourism

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Globalization the process, accelerated by communication technologies, of turning the world into a single community & in particular, a single market. It has been described as ‘boundarylessness’. Structural change a fundamental transformation of some activity or institution which brings about a change in its essential quality, or structure. It is permanent, there is no return to the prior level or state. Temporary change an alteration in a certain measure or condition in an activity of institution to which it is likely to return later. Causes for structural change globalization, competition, economic crisis, health crisis, social changes, customer preferences, war/terrorism. Tourism market consists of all potential customers sharing a particular need/want, who might be willing/able to satisfy it by buying a tourism product. Sustainable development achieving growth in a manner that does not deplete the natural & built environment & preserves the culture of the local community. Sustainable tourism all forms of tourism development, management & operations that maintain the environmental, & economic integrity & well being of natural, built and cultural resources. Socio cultural a term used to indicate impacts bringing about change to a social organization of a group of people as well as more fundamental reorganization of society’s organization. Sustainable transport doesn’t harm the environment, or use resources that cannot be trucks/cars-alternative engines, alternative fuels (unleaded) non combustion systems. Reducing aircraft emissions-technology advances, regulations, air traffic management, dealing with noise-creating footprints e.g, aircraft boeing727 has a footprint of 14 kms squared, airbus a32 noise footprint 1.5km squared. Travel & tourism industry the aggregate of all businesses that directly provide goods and services to facilitate business, pleasure & leisure activities away from home environment (smith 1988) * Impacts of...
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