BSC 215

Topics: Skin, Bone, Bone marrow Pages: 4 (1809 words) Published: November 3, 2014

BSC 215 Spring 2014- Exam 2 Required Reading and Study Guide. The ‘required reading’ sections below include material that will be covered on exam 2. Here is an effective way to approach your required reading:

Read the assigned text for the chapter that is listed in the “required reading” Sections below. For this first read, it is not necessary that you attempt to understand everything in the required reading. It is more important that you read for the “big picture” concepts and gain familiarity with terms and key words. During EACH CLASS:

We will cover key topics of the chapter that will follow with your required reading. I will provide notes online before each class so that you can follow along and take your own notes. Try to use this time to grasp terms and concepts from the examples that I give. We will also have several clicker activities to reinforce topics. After each class:

Review the notes. It is best to first make sure you understand the “big picture” concepts of each topic covered, then move on to understanding details of each concept covered. Once you have studied the notes, go back and read the corresponding section in the textbook, as you will be much more familiar with the topic after class and some review of the notes. Using the ‘study guide’ questions Below:

I have provided some study questions below to help you assess your knowledge on certain key topics. KEEP IN MIND that questions in the study guide are simply there to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses of KEY concepts. However the questions are NOT an exhaustive list of everything you should know for the exam. In other words, the study guide can be extremely helpful in your studies, but it shouldn’t be relied upon as your sole study resource. It is recommended that you study notes and required reading BEFORE attempting to answer these questions. Then you can return to the study guide questions below to determine your areas of strength and weakness. BEST...
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