Are We a Product of Nature or Nurture?

Topics: DNA, Gene, RNA Pages: 3 (537 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Are we a product of Nature or Nurture?

Direct Selection:
One extreme favoured – current optimum for existing conditions •Environmental change produce new selection pressure - favours extreme condition •Change in condition = optimum sifts to favour new optimum •Some organism possess allele that favours new optimum

Over time selection -> pre dominate of organisms new optimum and therefore optimum shifts

Stabilising Selection:
Occurs in all population where environment is stable
Selection pressure at both ends of distribution
Favours optimum/ average
Eliminates extremes
Reduce variably + size of range in optimum and therefore reduce opportunity for evolutionary change -Interspecific competition
-Organism produces offspring – requires resources e.g. light, food, space -Variation in alleles already exist within population (gene pool) – due to mutation -Some individuals possess better combination of alleles making them more likely to survive completion – advantageous allele (better adaptation to survive -Selection pressures – e.g. predation, disease -> differential survival - Those who survive reproduce – passing on its alleles = causes change in allele frequency - due to completion population remains constant

Mutation  Selection
-Environment provides selection pressure = NURTURE
-Mutation provides biological cause = NATURE

-Farming, animals are chosen due to their advantageous characteristics -Genes - animals with advantageous allele are bred to produce most biomass

-Natural selection for advantageous allele
-Animals with advantageous allele able to survive and reproduce passing on its allele

Mutation produces new alleles and variation by changing the sequences of bases in a gene Mutation occur naturally in processes such as DNA replication by substitution or deletion Cystic Fibrosis – caused by deletion mutation of the recessive allele where three A-A-A bases are missing

Environment can...
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