Are All Religions Paths to God?

Topics: God, Religion, Christianity Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: January 15, 2013
I believe that all religions do not lead to God, all religions satisfy our needs. The reason for this is because different religions have different God’s and sometimes don’t even have a God. This means that one religion may lead to one God and another leads to a different one. I, myself, am monotheistic in my faith and believe in the Christian faith. I believe that the Christian God is the only one of its kind and any other God is from a different religion.

The people that say that all religions lead to God often perceive anything and everything to be a religion. The real goal is not to support everyone’s views and not to disrespect anyone, even if you do not agree with them. What matters is that everyone share the common belief that we all suffer and that there is a God.

Different religions have different ideas of God. Some view God in spiritual terms, other more physical, and some religions have no God. Some have many gods (polytheistic), and some only have one (monotheistic). In some cases there is an absence of a God entirely. Some people do not want to believe in a God, and disagree with the idea that everyone is created because of that God.

Another problem is that each religion has its own idea of what ‘salvation’ is. For some, it is the saving of a nation. This means that all troubles and issues are resolved and everyone is at peace in the world. Everything is good in the world, and there is no bad. Some people may say that the world would be ‘perfect’. For others, it may be an eternity of nothingness, or complete personal consciousness. It is difficult to see how these teachings can lead in the same direction if they all are defined by the same word. Many people refer to the term salvation and ‘saved’ together, which is common in many religions, but not all. Every religion is different, but has the same goal in mind.

Different religions contradict one another, but at the same time have built and taken certain parts of certain religions and...
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