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Topics: Ranch, Cowboy, Great Plains Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: February 3, 2014

F1 Outline
I. The Great Plains
A. Background
1. The Great Plains had blazing temps in the daytime and frigid cold at night. The only vegetation that could survive was grass which made the Great Plains a great place for livestock that needed to graze B. Indians of the Great Plains

1. There were about 100,000 native Americans in the great plains i. A portion of them were settled in permanent villages. These people were decimated by European diseases such as smallpox ii. The others belonged to migrating hunting tribes

2. The Teton Sioux began in Minnesota where fish and game were dwindling so they ended up migrating across the Missouri River where they discovered horses and began hunting buffalo which had many uses for them. 3. Their athleticism and domination of horseback riding aided them in taking over the great plains 4. The Sioux believed God to be expressed through different facets of nature i. They fasted and participated in Sun Dances for fertility, coming of age and other things they felt important C. Wagon Trains, Railroads, and Ranchers

1. The Great Plains were deemed unfit to live in and were relegated to the natives. i. This was even recognized by the government
2. This soon began to change when Americans sought settlement in California and wagon trains began getting people there. The first was in 1842 3. People in Washington felt it necessary to have railroads connecting the new settlement to the rest of the country for unity 4. Two companies decided to undertake this project, The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific, subsidized by the government of course 5. The two tracks were to meet in Promontory Point, Utah

6. Industrial business leaders discovered how to exploit the great plains and this was by creating more railroads D. The Cattle Kingdom
1. Quickly people realized the great plains were perfect for cattle ranching but first the buffalo need to be killed i. A mass killing of buffalo occurred which wiped them out in about...
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