1- How Did Railroads Help the West Develop and 2- Mining on the West. How Mining Change the West, and the Practical and Social Problems Which Arose on the Mining Frontier.

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Mining, Arizona Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: May 12, 2013
1- How did railroads help the West develop?

The people who lived in the West at this time needed a way of communication to trade stuff between other countries on the continent. People need new ways of transportation to move to other countries. The railroads, which were created to provide transport to people who needed to move to other countries, transportation of agricultural, mining and farming goods, help the countries to “spring up along the way” by promoting the commerce because people could travel all around the continent paying a low cost. Those people from different parts of the continent who visited the West could buy some mining stuff or cattle to the farmers. The other way was when the miners and farmers used the railroad to transport their stuff like cattle, gold to other countries and sell it to people of different countries who didn’t have these kinds of things. In my opinion, the main goal for this was the exchange of things between different cultures, not every country had the same kind things like (animals, minerals, building equipment…) So they could exchange things to improve their cities.

2- mining on the West. how mining change the West, and the practical and social problems which arose on the mining frontier.

The mining cause a boom on the West. In 1850 and over, a lot gold deposits were found around California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and Idaho. Thousands of optimistic Americans were looking for good veins of gold to retiring at a very young age but only a few were so lucky. Rarely was anything found because it was so difficult to extract it, so the big companies with a lot of money that could afford large machinery got most of the hidden gold. These towns became to be called “Mining Towns” because everyone that live there was a miner. Even the Mexicans Immigrants and Chinese immigrants were common on Mining Towns and they worked for the Native Americans. The...
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