Anthem for Doomed Youth. Sonet Essay

Topics: Poetic form, World War II, Poetry Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: September 7, 2013
Anthem for Doomed Youth
Through “Anthem for Doomed Youth” a well-known Petrarchan sonnet written by Wilfred Owen,the reader sees the horrors of wars and how unfortunate it is to in the war.Owen fought in World War 1 and wrote this poem while in a hospital recovering from shell shock.”Anthem for Doomed Youth”,solemnly discusses death in war and shows how those who die in war do not receive the normal ceremonies that are used to honour the dead. Owen was able to express how he felt about those who passed away while fighting in war. Petrachan sonnet

Related to the structure of the poem is a variation of Elizabethean Sonnet.Owen has divided the fourteen lines of this sonnet into two stanzas,the breaking coming at line 8. First Owen relates to the audience how horrible it is going to war.The title of Owens poem is “Anthem for Doomed Youth”.This meaningful title conveys a strong,gloomy feeling;usually an anthem is a strong anthem is a joyous song of celebration but when coupled with Doomed Youth.Also it proves a woeful impression because it fortells of young people have no hope. The first line of the poem describes the doomed youth as dying cattle .This description shows how awful war is.This description shows multitudes of people being slaughtered.This simile is showing how the soldiers are no more important than cattle which are lead to slaughter without feeling. Owen uses a sonnet powerful,negative,connotation from the very beginning. The poem can be read in two parts that is the first octet makes a catalogue of the sound of war to traditional burial rituals and describes how those who die in war do not receive proper funerals. In the last stanza “but in their eyes shall shine the holy glimmers of goodbyes.The pallor of girls brow. After reading the poem the readers entire perspective is changed.Owen paints the horror war in sensational manner that gets his message across get his message across stringly well.Through this poem Owen stirs up the heart and greatly...
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