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Topics: Food, Nutrition, Food security Pages: 6 (1543 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Current Issues .Wozniacka, Gosia. "Food Labels Multiply, Some Confuse Consumers." N.p., 11 Nov. 2012. Accessed June 3 of 2013.

This source was useful since it explained different ways that food labels can claim to be certain things, such as "natural" or "organic," but are not actually what they say. "'Hundreds of Eco labels exist on all kinds of products, and there is the potential for companies and producers to make false claims. It shows how the lack of regulations the FDA provides allows some companies to slip in information that is not true, which is harmful to the consumers.

Supersize Me. Prod. Morgan Spurlock. Perf. Morgan Spurlock. Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2004.
In short, it went over how food, specifically fast-food, in America has gotten increasingly unhealthier throughout recent years, and how these food products have contributed to America's extremely high obesity rates. During the film, it also showed how fast food restaurants do not have any nutrition facts for people to look out for, so they do not know what foods are unhealthy or not. This source is credible, as there were many expert doctors going through the experiment with the director of the movie, and there was also a lot of research and interviews that went into the production of the film.

Degnan, Fred H. Biotechnology and the Food Label: A Legal Perspective. 55 Food and Drug L.J. 301. Tufts University, 29 Oct. 1999. Accessed June 3 of 2013.

This scholarly article went into detail about the legal senses of FDA's rules on food labeling, and how their current rules are confusing and inconsistent. The article also questions why foods that have gone through biotechnology, or GMO's, are not labeled as such. Overall, this article had a few great points that we need to consider, such as whether the current system for food labels should stay, or change due to its confusing and twisted state.

Professional associations American Society for Nutrition. Date accessed: June 1 of 2013.
The American Society for Nutrition is the principal society in the United States for professional researchers and practitioners in the field. Their mission is based of creating a solid foundation for professional networking while assisting in the sharing of nutritional knowledge. It includes

sections for education, professional journals and public affairs as well as membership programs. World Public Health Nutrition Association. Date accessed: June of 2013.
World Public Health Nutrition Association website it is fairly easy to navigate through. Much like the ASN, it provides professional journals, research publications, education and public affairs section. The difference between one and the other is that unlike ASN, the WPHNA has as a target the entire world in a more neutral point of view. Feed the Future: The US Governmen's Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative. Date Accessed June 1 of 2013.
Supports country-driven approaches to address the root causes of hunger and poverty and forge long-term solutions to chronic food insecurity and undernutrition. The most interesting aspect is that Feed the Future is the initiative of US as a country to partner with other countries to include their government in an effort of not only increase nutritional awareness but to improve the quality of agriculture and decrease biodegradation of such processes. Educational Resources

American Chemical Soceity. Division of Chemical Literature. Literature resources for chemical process industries. Washington D.C., 1954. 582 p. (Advn. In Chem. no. 10).
Contains a very useful section on the literature of food industry. Some important articles in this section are:...
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