Animal Testing

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The testing of cosmetics, household cleaners, and surprisingly, dog food, results in millions of animals suffering and dying from poisoning and burning every year, at the demand of cruel Corporations.

Producers Of IAMS Dog Food Test On Animals

Animal experimentation for household products and cosmetic companies include forcing animals to inhale chemical fumes, ingest their ingredients and rub them into their shaved scalps and limbs. The effects can be devastating:

A Scalped Monkey


A Puppy Carcass

The animals in labs are also often treated appallingly even before any cruel testing is carried out. They are often abused by their captors, starved and imprisoned in small, rotten cages. During the animal experimentation they are often put into restrain tubes or other types of restraints so the animal does not interfere with the testing process. Doesn't this tell you something about the cruelty of this activity. If the animal is protesting then surely there is something wrong going on!

Monkey In A Restraint Tube In Covance Laboratory, Vienna, Virginia. This Photograph Make My Blood Run cold!!


Animal Experimentation: Another Monkey Restraint: 
Absolutely Horrific!

Other types of experiments include drug injection into sheep, cattle and other livestock to see if more milk can be produced, or enlarge the animal for more meat. Animals are injected with morphine and other drugs just to see the impact of addiction and the withdrawal process. Many animals have died this way, in the name of science! In 2010 the UK Government annual statistics revealed that over 3.5 million animals suffered and died in lab experiments. Up to 8 million animals bred for testing were destroyed because they were surplus to requirements! Testing on humans is OK after we give our consent. No one asks for the consent of all the other animals. What gives us the right to do this? Human Beings - the worst animal on the planet!

"Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals, and the answer is: "Because the animals are like us." Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: "Because the animals are not like us." Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction." ~Charles R. Magel Return to the Table of Contents

Vivisection Stories - This Is Real
Here we look at some of the appalling treatment of animals is laboratories, research facilities and other areas in the name of corporate greed and medical advancement. Remember Thousands of animals suffer this way every day! Can you image their suffering and the pain, confusion and terror they are feeling?

The photograph below is of a young monkey earmarked for vivisection in the Royal College of Surgeons Laboratory in Enlgand, UK. The Scientists tattooed the word CRAP onto the monkeys forehead. This just goes to show how contemptible the medical world thinks of all our fellow animal species. Sickening, just sickening.

Monkey With The word CRAP Tattooed On The forehead

The Institute for Behavioural Research, monkeys have their spinal nerves severed to render some of their limbs useless. They are then subjected to abuse such as electric shock treatment and food deprivation. If they do not regain the use of one of their limbs, they starve! They are kept in dark chambers and electrocuted to force them to use their disabled limbs. According to the PETA.Org (Opens New Window) report, the chamber they were kept in was covered in blood.

Monkey With Spinal Nerves Severed

Vivisectors had sewn a baby monkeys eyes shut and grafted a device to her head in the photographs below. The baby monkey was rescued from the University of California at Riverside Laboratory in 1985.

Animal Experimentation Monkey Device


Animal Experimentation Monkey Eyelids Sewn Shut

Take a look at this quote below from a Professor involved with animal experimentation. Quite frankly, this man is selfish and has no...
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