American Pageant Chapter 1

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Kate Shrayber
Chapter One:
New World Beginnings

1. Prior to European contact, the Americas had a diverse array of cultures. In 1200 B.C, corn reproduction reached the Pueblo People in the Rio Grande valley. The need to produce corn led the Pueblo People to develop complex irrigation systems. Later on, the Pueblo people lived in many villages with multipart buildings. The Mound Builders lived in the Ohio River Valley. The Southwest desert was home to the Anasazi people with their large settlements of elaborate pueblos. The northeast woodlands was home to the Iroquois. Their settlement rivaled those of the nation states in Mexico and Peru. The Iroquois people had a very large and strong military alliance. 2. The nomadic hunting societies transformed in to agricultural settlements with the use of corn. The larger civilizations developed where there were more resources such as fields and water. They developed there because they had the aid of the resources to allow them to flourish. The settlements in the southwest were far more dry than the settlements in the north east. 3. The Europeans believed that the Earth belonged to the humans. The Native Americans believed the opposite, the Earth was sacred to them.They had very spiritual beliefs towards the Earth. 4. Conquest and trade motivated the Europeans to venture out. The devolpment of new ships to battle the winds and the discovery of new sailing routes made this possible. 5. By continuously charging higher prices for slaves and preventing slave rebellion, the Portuguese managed to develop a big slave business. 6. The uniting of Spain lead to their desire to beat the Portuguese in the race to gain wealth from the Indies. The “stage was now set” because everyone wanted to tap into more riches. 7. TAP presented Columbus as a skilled and courageous man who changed the world. 8. European contact with the Americas changed the course of history by introducing...
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