All Quiet on the Western Front


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1. What is Paul’s mother dying of?

a. depression

b. cancer

c. they are not sure

d. heart disease

2. What convinces most of the Second Company to join the war effort?

a. their teacher

b. their parents

c. their desire to fight for their country

d. they are given no choice

3. What food does Paul’s mother make for him that he shares with the others?

a. potted meat

b. potato cakes

c. rice patties

d. steak and potatoes

4. How does Kat die?

a. he kills himself

b. he falls into barbed wire

c. he has shrapnel in his head

d. he has a gunshot wound to the foot

5. Why does Himmelstoss eventually befriend the men?

a. he fought on the front lines and sees how hard it is

b. he knows they hate him

c. he is made to by an officer

d. he wants their food

6. Whom does Paul consider his closest friend in the Second Company?

a. Kantorek

b. No one

c. Kat

d. Mittelstaedt

7. What is remarkable about Paul’s death?

a. he killed himself

b. he has a calm...

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