The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Cast of Characters

Huckleberry Finn—Huck, as he is known for short, is a boy of about 12. First introduced by Mark Twain in Tom Sawyer, Huck becomes the hero of his own narrative in this follow-up tale, which is told from the first person perspective of Huck himself. Once considered a pariah and an outcast, Huck has since become the pet project of well-intentioned old ladies out to make him respectable. However, when Pap returns to get Huck’s gold, trouble ensues, and Huck slips away down the mighty Mississippi, with Jim, the runaway slave as his companion. Huck’s greatest desire is for independence and a life on the river.

Tom Sawyer—Tom is Huck’s friend, playmate and gang leader. Huck admires Tom for his broad understanding of pirates, robbers, prisoners, and mischief-makers (all gleaned from Romantic novels, of course, and none of it realistic). Tom has a good heart, like Huck, but when it comes to being realistic and practical, Tom plays second fiddle to Huck. Tom’s greatest desire is to have an imaginary adventure, one that is fabricated and controlled by him from start to finish. Tom helps both open and close the narrative of Huck Finn.

Jim—Jim is Miss Watson’s slave. He has family on other farms in the area, but when he overhears Miss Watson talk about selling him to a slave trader, he runs off and hides out on Jackson Island. There, he meets Huck, and joins him on a raft as they float down the river, both longing for freedom.

Pap—Pap is Huck’s drunkard father. He is typically never around, but when he learns that Huck has come into a small fortune, he returns to claim a share. He steals Huck away and keeps him locked in a cabin in the woods. Characteristically ornery, Pap becomes downright deadly when the demon rum is in him. Huck fakes his own death to escape from Pap.

Judge Thatcher—Judge Thatcher tends to Huck’s financial problems and is earnestly concerned for Huck’s...

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