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  • Role of IT in Supply Chain Management

    International Journal of Modern Engineering Research (IJMER) www.ijmer.com Vol.1‚ Issue.2‚ pp-747-751 ISSN: 2249-6645 IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR EFFECTIVE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Prof. Himanshu S. Moharana1‚ Dr. J.S. Murty2‚ Dr. S. K. Senapati3‚ Prof. K. Khuntia1 1 (Raajdhani Engineering College‚ Bhubaneswar‚ Odisha) India 2 (Ex-Head‚ Design‚ RRL‚ Bhubaneswar‚ Odisha) India 3 (Professor‚ Dept. of Mech. Engg.‚ IGIT‚ Sarang‚ Odisha) India ABSTRACT In order to survive and beat the

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  • Global Supply Chain Management

    Administration European Master in Project Management Operational Risks in Global Supply Chain Project Thesis Submitted by Kashif Shabab Submitted to Professor Dr. Jan-Philipp Büchler Summer Semester 2011 / 2012 Table of contents 1 Introduction 6 2 Global Supply Chain 7 2.1 Supply chain management: schools of thought..............................

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  • Dell Supply Chain Management

    Publication Date: 12 November 2010 ID Number: G00208603 Case Study for Supply Chain Leaders: Dell ’s Transformative Journey Through Supply Chain Segmentation Matthew Davis Faced with ever-changing customer needs‚ product commoditization‚ unique global requirements and new‚ low-cost competitors‚ Dell embarked on a three-year journey to segment its supply chain response capabilities. The company designed its supply chains based on a mix of cost optimization‚ delivery speed and product choices

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  • Global Supply Chain Management

    MBA – Supply Chain Management Major Track | Global Supply Chain Management Final Term Paper | Submitted to : Dr. Ahmed Sobhi | | | By: Mustafa Mahmoud Barakat | | “Managing The Elements Of Success” | November; 2010 * Table of Contents * Introduction 1. Literature Review – Of What Is Supply Chain Management (SCM)? 2. Origins and development of the Supply Chain Management – Revolution of the Concept 3. The Impacts OF Globalization ON Supply Chain Management

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  • Modern Supply Chain Management

    Topic: Demand Driven MRP 21st Century Supply Chains Require New Demand Driven Rules and Tools A white paper by the Demand Driven Institute April 2011 www.demanddriveninstitute.com The Demand Driven Institute (DDI) was founded by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith‚ co‐authors of Orlicky’s  Material Requirements Planning‚ Third Revised Edition in order to proliferate and further develop demand  driven strategy and tactics in industry to enable a company to transform from “push and promote” to 

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  • Nissan Supply Chain Management

    ANALYTICAL REPORT: EFFICIENT JIT SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION Nissan Motor Company Ltd is one of the biggest automobile manufacturing companies in the world. It ranked 5th number overall in automobile industry. It was founded by Mr Yoshike Aikawa in 1933 with the name Tobata Casting Ltd but in 1933 the name was changed to Nissan. It’s headquarter is in Japan. In 1962 it entered into European market. Currently‚ the company has net income more than $300 billion. Since Nissan adopted Just

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  • Changes in Supply Chain Management

    In Supply Chain Management (SCM) SUBMITEED BY: vaibhav kumar srivastav TABLE OF CONTENTS SI NO. TOPIC PAGE NO (1) Meaning and Introduction 1 (2) Tour of Developments in supply 2

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  • Walmart-Supply Chain Management

    "A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials‚ transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products‚ and the distribution of these finished products to customers." Ganeshan and Harrison Supply chain provides a vital link between suppliers and customers. It involves meeting customers’ requirements in terms of time‚ quality and quantity. It helps to optimize design‚ planning‚ production‚ delivery of

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  • Homework: Supply Chain Management

    Answer=92%*98%*95%*94%*99%*92%*91%=67% 2. Compare the concept if a modern supply chain with more traditional distribution channels. Be specific regarding similarities and differences. Traditional distribution channels are not integrated and exist in stove pipe functional area. The supply chain integrated all of the functions of transportation‚ logistics‚ distribution‚ warehousing‚ and sourcing into one centrally managed operation. Both the supply chain and traditional distribution channels involve the movement

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  • Risk in Supply Chain Management

    Winter Project Dec’ 2012 A Literature review on Risk in Supply Chain [pic] Under the Guidance of: Submitted by: Prof. P.K. Jha Sandeep Singh Dept. of Industrial Engineering & Management M.Tech 1st year IIT Kharagpur 12IM60R03 Risk in supply chain 1. What is Risk? Risk can be broadly defined as a chance of danger‚ damage‚ loss‚ injury or any other undesired consequences. A more scientific definition of risk was provided

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