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Military Deployment

Deployment and the Military Family Amanda Meadows SOC 101 Susan Fouriner August 6, 2010 Deployments are a difficult time for military families. Deployment of a loved one affects the whole family. The service member may worry about how his family may fare without him or even miss milestones in his children’s lives. The spouse has to function as a single parent and take on responsibilities left behind by the service member. The children may suffer from behavioral problems and not adjust well...

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Combat Deployment and the Military Family

Combat Deployment and the Military Family Combat deployment, in many ways, has affected every military family; the soldier, the spouse, and the child(ren). The spouses and child(ren) of the deployed soldier are often referred to as the “unsung heroes” of military families, at all times of a deployment. In the military, the families are often placed in the background, but families are crucial to the soldier’s success. There are several million service members in the military today. 50% Under...

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Military Deployment and Children

Military Deployment and Children Name: Course: Instructor: Date Introduction Military deployment is a complex and demanding process, both to the soldier and to his or her family. It is a moment of psychological change affecting more than 1.85 million children with one or both parents in the military and 1.64 active service members (Chandra, Burns, Tanielian, Jaycox, & Scott, 2008) in the United States deployed for an average of 12-15 months. Children are more affected than any other member of...

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Military Deployment

Monalise Seales September 13th, 2011 English 101 Long tours and repeated deployments have led to increasing rates of suicide and divorce among armed forces personnel , according to the pentagon as a member of the Armed Forces who has been on two 15 month long deployments, I choose this topic because I have significant insight to add. I have watched multiple friends get diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have also seen many of those same friends go thru marital problems...

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WORKING OVERVIEW Jobs in the Military vary in type of work and responsibility, yet each is essential to accomplishing the overall mission of defending our country. In this section, explore the different types of career opportunities available to service members, learn about the compensation they can expect to receive, find out how to transfer careers to the civilian sector and more. Our Today's Military overview pages show the various stages of a military career, from the joining process to training...

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Millitary Deployment and the Effects on Its Soldiers

20, 2009 Military Deployment and the Effects on its Soldiers Recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, and other locations throughout the world have resulted in the most sustained military combat operations since the Vietnam Conflict. As a result, soldiers in the military are finding themselves subjected to longer deployments, and faster redeployment times than in any other combat operations. While these steps are necessary to maintain the high level of military operations currently...

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Suicide in the Military

Suicide in the Military Candace L. Clark Park University October 7, 2009 Stressed by war and long overseas tours, U.S. soldiers killed themselves last year at the highest rate on record, the toll rising for a fourth straight year and even surpassing the suicide rate among comparable civilians. Army leaders said they were doing everything they could think of to curb the deaths and appealed for more mental health professionals to join and help out. Clearly, the military is going above and...

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effects of deployment on families and soldiers

Effects of Deployments on Families and Soldiers Deployments in the National Guard affect both the soldier and their families during this hard time. Nevertheless most families make it through the tour stronger then ever. Service members who have children at the time of deployment may be affected more by missing out on some of the most important times in their lives. Also, being miles apart can put a lot of tension on the soldier’s family and jobs. During these hard times both the soldier and the...

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Gays in the Military

Should Gays and Lesbians be allowed in the military? COM/215 Essentials of College Writing February 28 2011 Government Policy During the 1992 presidential campaign the previous Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton addressed the issue of gays in the military. “It became one of the first issues Clinton tackled as President, but when the White House attempt to unilaterally repeal the ban stumbled, Congress passed a law to keep openly gay men and women from serving” (Webley, 2010, p. 1). On September...

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Emotional Stress on Military Families

Stress on Military Service Families The deployment of a loved one in the militry service leads to emotional stress to the family left behind with hope to hold on to. Kendra N. Lowe talks about development of stress on the families caused by deployments. Lowe says, "Military life can also be extremely stressful on families and children due to prolonged absence of the active duty member during deployments, TDYs, and frequent trainings"(3). Deployments can be a very big transition on a military family...

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