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Marvin Gaye

Prince of Motown Marvin Gaye known as “The Prince of Motown” or “The Prince of Soul” has experienced many things in his lifetime. From his early years having trouble with his father to his later years being addicted to drugs, but that didn’t stop him from becoming an extremely successful musician and influence on the black community. All that being said, Marvin Gaye’s illustrious career is faced with many prosperous achievements, but a lot of tough obstacles as well. Marvin Gay Junior was born...

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Marvin Gaye

Topic: Marvin Gaye General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about Marvin Gaye’s history, career, and legacy. Thesis: Marvin Gaye’s music has and continues to influence and inspire many song writers and singers today along with the general public. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: To start off I will play one of Marvin’s most famous songs. It’s one of my favorites and if you know the words feel free to sing along to “Let’s Get it on” by Marvin Gaye. B...

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Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye was born April 2, 1939 and died on April 1, 1984. Marvin Gaye has an outstanding past. He was a member of the Motown Family that brought in large revenues for his particular piece of music. A few of his great hits are "I Heard It Though A Grapevine," What's Going On, and many more. Marvin Gaye lead a ife that many people wish they could lead. Not only was he a singer, but he was a composer. In which, his music has inspired many others through out the years. The music that he made...

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My Musical Identity

composer. It has been my experience that music not only helps me learn, but also helps me grow. From an early age I grew up listening to the sounds of Motown with my dad. He would sing songs to me like “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” recorded by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terell, and I would listen diligently, unknowingly acquiring the ability to make beautiful melodies and soulful sounds with my vocal chords. Then one day it happened. I sang. In fact, to say that I sang, would be saying the least of what...

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Soul Music Essay

and Rap Music, including influential artists and songwriters, and the influence of this genre on the development of Afro-American Music. You are to write an essay based on your research, with particular reference to the two designated works by Marvin Gaye and Tupac. Soul music is a mixture of gospel with rhythm and blues. Although soul developed much earlier than 1950, it first gained popularity within the late 1950s and came to be called soul jazz which self-consciously used melodic figures or...

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Music Social Commentary

feelings about war, whether it be for the war or against it. The Vietnam War and the War in Iraq, being very controversial issues during their time, have motivated many artists to express their feelings on the issue through their songs. Songs like Marvin Gaye's "What's Happening Brother" written during the Vietnam War in 1971 and System of a Down's "Boom!" written during the Iraq War in 2002 talk about the same topic. Though two different wars, decades and styles of music, these songs still depict...

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What Music Means to Me

it feeds my soul. I was raised up in church, but I was associated with R&B, Blues and Gospel music. I remember my parents playing music all the time. My father would play from time to time R&B and Blues which consisted of artist like BB King, Marvin Gaye, The O’Jays, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, The Temptations, The Staple Singers, Percy Sledge, Bobby Womack, and Sam Cooke. On the other hand, my mother would listen to what my father played, but was more into Gospel. From my mother...

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Mixtape Essay

and the beauty and happiness that comes along with a new relationship. Sort of in the middle the relationship becomes a little rocky and unpredictable and hints of cheating. Songs like “There goes My Baby” by the Drifters, “What’s Going On?” by Marvin Gaye, “Where Did you Sleep Last Night” by Leadbelly, “Your Cheatin’ Heart” by Tammy Wynette are a few songs that enter the middle of the mix tape. But towards the end, the songs get colder and we see that the relationship is over. “Breaking up is Hard...

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Keeping Old School Music Alive

to keep “Old School Music” alive. There are so many different genres of music and they all represent different people, attitudes, places, times, ethnicities and ideas. Imagine what this world would be like without old school R & B artists like Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Diana Ross, and everybody’s all time favorite Michael Jackson to share the gift of R&B with us. Berry Gordy, Founder and owner of the Tamla-Motown family record labels, established Motown Records as one of the most important independent...

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Sugar Shack Analysis

had a duplicate of the Art. Also another reason I picked, the sugar shack it’s so much history in the painting. At first glance you can see a Marvin Gaye banner is hanging up in the painting. As one of the icons, especially having one of his hits on the banner “I want you” with being be connected to the picture shows how well how many people enjoyed Marvin gaye. From my point of view everybody must be over the age of 21 in the picture. Most of the men that's in the picture is mostly bald and the women...

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