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Malcolm Gladwell Drinking Games

society. This theory seems like reasonable and logical because it is quite natural that a person’s behavior follows his or her characters. Malcolm Gladwell, however, in his essay, “The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime,” examines those factors affecting peoples’ behaviors and comes up with his own theory. Gladwell believes that the environmental conditions have the most significant influence on how one behaves. Throughout his essay, he presents a few different...

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Malcolm Gladwell: The Path To Success

want to be successful in the future. Success is a word that has different meanings for many people: some of them think success is the wealth, for some it is just making the world a better place. Success does not happen overnight as describes Malcolm Gladwell, the author of the book called, “Outliers: The Story of Success”. In most cases it takes a lot of practice. Sometimes the past of a person or the place where he/she was born affects the future of that person. Referring to some facts from one...

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The Game Theory By Malcolm Gladwell

The Game Theory by Malcolm Gladwell, gives amazing insight into the world of professional sport statistics. Gladwell argues that athletic dominance in a team sport can’t always be seen by the eye. Allen Iverson, for instance, was the 2001-2002 NBA’s Most Valuable Player. He was viewed as one of the best basketball players of his generation. However an algorithm devised by David Berry, Martin Schmidt, and Stacey Brook, shows the true value of a basketball player by grading their number of wins they...

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Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

To Think or Not To Think, That is The Question “Judgment matters: it is what separates winners from losers” (260). Blink by Malcolm Gladwell is a book about understanding how we arrive at the judgments we make. There are two ways that we make every decision: in the blink of an eye or with well thought out decision making processes. In this book Gladwell explores the many different ways that we make decisions using our adaptive unconscious. He attempts to convince the reader that snap...

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Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

had to be the reason that poor immigrants like Andrew Carnegie and college dropouts like Bill Gates achieved unimaginable wealth. Most of us were taught that working harder than anyone else would lead to ultimate success. While the author, Malcolm Gladwell, does not dispute that hard work in a necessary component, we learn that many factors, lucky breaks, and some coincidences all occur in making high achievers into true outliers. We also learn that many of the richest, most famous, and most successful...

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Summary of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

they are most likely to be the ones to belong in the elite team in the future. Despite of the fact that birth date is an important factor, an individual’s own skill is really the key to reach the top. In the second chapter, The 10,000-Hour Rule, Gladwell presented that to become truly a master of something, an individual must undergo 10,000 hours of practice and mastery on a particular skill which is like doing 20 hours of work a week for 10 years. He cites examples like K. Anders Ericsson’s study...

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Book Report on Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

 In the #1 national bestseller Blink, Malcolm Gladwell analyzes the way we think. Specifically, he explains the workings of the unconscious mind in making snap judgments and decisions. He proves that more information is not always a good thing, and some of the best decisions come from gut instinct. In the first chapter, Malcolm introduces the idea of thin-slicing, our unconscious ability to determine what is important in a very short period of time. In more basic terms, thin-slicing is...

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connect oneself to another. Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and other now big social networking sites have become one of the most important ways to connect and to use those connections to create change or to join others who are involved in social change. Gladwell introduces the idea in Small Change that “The world, we are told, is in the midst of a revolution” (232). Communication is being altered daily, and over the years has changed from social activism sparked only by person-to-person contact, to telephone...

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Malcolm Gladwell: The Power Of Context

M.A 09/10/2013 Social Context or Social Confusion? In the passage from The Power Of Context, Gladwell explores the behaviors of people and links them together to form a rather controversial argument about whether it is the surroundings of a person that causes him or her to do wrong or whether it is the person’s moulding of their mind that causes them to do so. However, I have come to loggerheads with many aspects of Gladwells’s discussion and examples written on in the passage as I,...

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Essay I : Gladwell argues that success is not the result of innate talent, but of practice and of being in the right place at the right time. Critically evaluate this argument. Malcolm Gladwel Analyses in his latest book Outliers , the circumstances that made some people successful . He shows another aspect of their self-made rise to success. Gladwell gives the definition of an outlier as an unusual person ‘classed differently from a main or related body’ (2008:3), in other words out of the ordinary...

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