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Indian poet from around the 16th or 17th century, known as the father of the Malayalam language—which is the principal language of the Indian state of Kerala, spoken by 36 million people in the world.[1] In his era, Vattezhuttu, an old script originally used to write Tamil, was generally used in Kerala to write this language. However, he wrote his Malayalam poems in Arya-ezhuttu, a Grantha-based script originally used to write Sanskrit, so that he could accurately transliterate Sanskrit words into...

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Onam Compiled by Sanjeev Nayyar November 2003 The festival is celebrated in Kerala and marks the end of the summer monsoons. It also has another origin. Once upon a time the world was ruled by a demon king Mahabali who made the world a better place to live in than heaven. This annoyed the Gods who sent down Lord Vishnu as a dwarf and begged Mahabali for the amount of land that he could cover in three steps. Vamana(dwarf) grew in size, his two footsteps covering the heaven and world, the...

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Dialect Variation

Sri Lanka. The language is also spoken among small minority groups in other states of India which include Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and in certain regions of Sri Lanka such as Colombo and the hill country. Previously Tamil had a wider distribution in India than its current state. Tamil or dialects of it were used widely in the state of Kerala as the major language of administration, literature and common usage until the 12th century CE. Tamil was also used widely in inscriptions...

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Real Estate Porters Five Forces

9999 ‘AASRA” in Navi Mumbai, - 022- 2754 6669 ‘SAATH’ in Ahmedabad, - 079- 2630 5544 ‘ROSHNI’ in Secunderabad,- 040- 6620200 ‘MAITHRI-THRISSUR’ in Thrissur (Kerala), - 0487 -3208558 ‘PRATYASHA’ in Irinjalakuda (Kerala), - 0488 2820091 ‘THANAL’ in Calicut. – 2495-2725555 “JEEVAN” at Jamshepur-0657-3453851. OUR CONTACTS: Our caller Numbers: 2463 7401 / 2463 7432 Our Office Numbers: 2463 7437/ 9088030303 ...

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Eso 12

questions in about 250 12 5. Distinguish the salient features of kinship system in North and South India. 6. Explain the concept of parochialisation in the context India. 12 7. Discuss the relationship of Christianity and Hinduism in Kerala. 12 12 8. Examine the interlinkages between caste and politics. 12 9. Examine the role of leadership in social movement. 10. Examine the impact of westernisation on the tribes in India. 12 11. Discuss the status of women in contemporary...

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music ends). If you are die hard fan of Shahrukh Khan, you would surely know this song. But let me tell you that this words in the song is originated from Mayalam language not a hindi language. Take a look at the map shown well, this is a state of a Kerala in India. The people here are known as Malayalees and their language written and spoken is Malayalam. It is here that ‘Onam festival’ or harvest festival originated form. By now you should have known what am I going to talk about today. 5. Prepare...

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Questionnaire on Market Potential for Icecream

Limited. This dairy came in to existence in 1967 as Palakkad Co-operative Milk supply union limited under the Madras Co-operative societies Act. In 1978 KLD & MM Board had taken over this dairy and it was under their control until 1983 .In 1983 Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited taken over this dairy from KLD & MM Board. But when MRCMPU was registered on 29-06-1989 with the motto “Farmers Prosperity through Consumer Satisfaction”, this district also came under malabar region...

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An Essay on Kamala Das

poetry, fiction, and autobiography, Das served as editor of the poetry section of The Illustrated Weekly of India from 1971-72 and 1978-79. After her husband died, Das converted to Islam and changed her name to Kamala Suraiyya. She currently lives in Kerala, where she writes a syndicated column on culture and politics. Das has authored many autobiographical works and novels, several well-received collections of poetry in English, numerous volumes of short stories, and essays on a wide range of themes...

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Malayalam Evolution

Malayalam (മലയാളം malayāḷam, pronounced [mɐləjaːɭɐm]( listen)), is one of the four major Dravidian languages of southern India. It is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India with official language status in the state of Kerala and the union territories of Lakshadweep and Mahé. It is spoken by 35.9 million people.[1] Malayalam is also spoken in the Nilgiris district, Kanyakumari district and Coimbatore of Tamil Nadu, Dakshina Kannada, Bangalore and Kodagu districts of Karnataka.[1][5][6][7] Overseas...

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A Biography Of Dr Qamar Ul Islam?

as an MLA. He served as the Member of Parliament, Secretary of All India Congress Committee (AICC), Minister of Municipal administration, Cabinet Minister of housing and Labour, Minister of Wakf, public enterprises and was also the in-charge of the Kerala state. Juvenile Life and Educational Background Qamar Ul Islam also known as Qamar Sab was born on 27th of January 1948 to Noor Ul Islam in Kalaburagi. He pursued his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from PDA College of Engineering in...

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