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Topics: World population, Population, Family planning Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: October 7, 2013

World Population can be stopped if we work together. Since early times the population of our world has rose from the inventions of medicines and new technology. With population rising towards ten billion we need to begin to start thinking about preserving resources. The rising population can be controlled if we improve education, start a two child rule per family, and provide family planning guides too young adults in rural countries.

Improving education throughout the world will help stall the population. Many young people in countries have not received the needed schooling to make the right decisions. “Important opportunities for alleviating population pressures might be found in ensuring education opportunities”( 1). If we improved education around the world, then the goal of two children per family might become a reality. “to do this, it is vital that we improve education”(McDougall 4). As a society we need to meet these needs, and another way to do this could be restricting the number of children per family.

Restricting the amount of children, families have would be extremely helpful to the safety of our world. Many countries restricting the amount of children, including China and have had major improvements to their population. In China, “This is the first year that rural and urban populations are nearly equal”(Hoevel 2). Women in rural countries have upwards of five children during their reproductive years. This is why the rule must be implemented in rural countries also because, “It is considerably higher in rural countries than developed countries”(Hoevel 2). If we this rule becomes a reality, then the population could stable overtime.

Another major area to address is promoting family planning in all parts of the world. Sexual education if taught in rural countries, would...
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