W.S. Maugham "The Moon and the Sixpence"

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The theme of the present paper is „Character depiction in the novel The Moon and the Sixpence” of William Somerst Maugham. The reason for writing a paper on this topic are numerous. First, the literary works of W.S. Maugham are very famous and popular all over the world. He is recognized as a master of short-story, novel a plays writing. Another reason is that author’s characters are considered to be an intresting resouce for studies. Maugham often is represented as a narroter, re-telling unexpected stories of people he has known or watching events unfold from a close distance. His characters are very variouse, they are very different and anyone can find somthing close for himself. It is intresting to analyse them. The author of this paper will analyse the characters from the novel „The Moon and the Sixpence.” It will be considered the types of charecter and in which way they were described by Maugham. The aim of the paper is to study the basic peculiarities of characters by Somerset Maugham.

The objectives:

To study and analyze William Somerset Maugham’s biography and its influence on his works •To study literarature about William Somerset Maugham
To study and analyze the concept „character”
To study and classify the ways of character chracterization •Interpretate and anlyse the main characters in Maugham’s novel „The Moon and the Sixpence”

The reaserch question:

What makes William Somerset Maugham’s characters so variouse and different from other characters?

The Hypothesis:

W.S. Maugham’s characters are very different, which makes the style of writting incredible and intresting to the readers.

The Methods of reaserch:

Selecting the information about Maugham’s biography and works •To study the ways of character characterization
Analyses of the main characters in the novel „The Moon and the Sixpence”

The outline of chapters:

The paper contains three chapters. The first chapter focuses on William Somerset Maugham’s biography and literary work. The second chapter is about the notion of the characters,the types of character in fiction and about the methods of charater depiction. Chapter three is an anlyses of main characters, the way of depiction and the types of characters.

Chapter 1

W. Somerset Maugham’s Biography and literary career.

The present chapter focuses on different facts of William Somerset Maugham’s life and his literary career.This chapter aims at finding the connection between the author’s biography and his books in to order understand how the event of his life influenced his writing. William Somerset Maugham’s literary career will be also analysed for indicating its connection with the development of his style of writing. According to the information presented on the Internet site http://www.angelfire.com/indie/anna_jones1/wsm_biog William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris, France, January 25, 1874. He was the youngest of four children in his family. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ormond Maugham. There is not much known about his early childhood. It is known that his father was a lawyer and his mother was a housewife. Maugham’s mother died of serious illness, and all three brothers were sent to London to study, but William stayed with his father. After some time his father also died and Maugham moved to his uncle. The uncle was a vicar of Whitestable. Perhaps this period of his life inspired him to write a very famous short story “The Verger”(1954). Later he studied at King’s Charles School in Canterbury. He had difficulties at school, because he spoke better French than English. After graduating school he began studying literature and philosophy at Heidelberg University. Then Maugham returned to England with a hope to write plays, but being afraid of disappointing his uncle Maugham decided to study medicine at St. Thomas Medical School. He...
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