V for Vendetta

Topics: V for Vendetta, Norsefire, Natalie Portman Pages: 4 (1247 words) Published: November 30, 2011
The movie “ V for Vendetta” has many thought provoking words and quotes throughout it. This film directed by James Mc Teigue and produced by the Wachowski brothers is a thriller that captures the idea of a dystopian society. Joshua Tyler from Cinema Blend.com touches on a number of these topics in his review. In my opinion this movie is dark, yet enlightening at the same time. This film digs beneath the surface to reveal the psychological factors, particularly our own fears, that make tyranny possible. Any movie that can make you think and ask new questions is an important and relevant film.

The movie “V” for Vendetta has had a number of reviews. Some pro “V” some not. Joshua Tyler from Cinema Blend.com explains the movie with tasteful sarcasm. The review does show some bias, but with supporting facts. Joshua shows organization as well as style. In a sense he is brutally honest. He is not afraid to share his opinion of the movie, and I respect that. There is no way you can read this review and not let it go to your head. In a society that is so afraid to speak their mind, I feel his movie review was refreshing. Joshua’s views on this movie are in fact very similar to my own.

“ People should not be afraid of their governments, governments should be afraid of their people”. This is only one of the many empowering quotes the character “V” played by Hugo Weaving states of the corrupt British government the movie is based on . “V” the main character could very well be defined as a terrorist. Although 2 he is not terrorizing the people, he is simply trying to awaken them from this nightmare. “If you want to see who is responsible look no further than a mirror” “V” tells the country’s citizens. In hopes to help them realize that only they can take the power back from this...
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