U Writing A Modern Day Sir Thomas Moor

Topics: Rape, Drinking culture, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Angelica Perez
English 4
U-Writing: A Modern Day Sir Thomas Moore

In American society currently there are numerous significant problems in modern times. Many of these issues seen rising in the 21st century are problems related with the consumption of alcohol among college students, and the rise of sexual assaults among college campuses. Both problems correlate within the effects of each other, and result in serious problems among the students and the college environment. As a problem in society, sexual assaults and college rape is becoming a national problem. Campus rape is a felony that affects different ethnic groups, different social classes, and different places on the gender spectrum. Both female and male students fall victims of sexual assault. Many of these victims remain silent, and don't proceed to report and file a case. The problem is identified as many reported cases of rape are never proceeding to be trialed, and the felony is never convicted. Many of the victims are women, and studies shown one in five women will be/or are victims of attack during their time attending the university. This is causing an alarm of unsafe environment for students. Many campus administrations are failing to address the seriousness of these attacks, such as only responding with a minor suspension, or ultimately nothing at all. There is an overwhelming amount of alcohol- facilitated sexual assaults among these college’s campuses in America, and the majority the time the students are engaging or surrounded by alcohol act ivies. Its been estimated that around 700,000 student’s have been assaulted by another student under the influence of drinking. It’s a recognizable fact that students attending college engage in drinking, and under age drinking. Alcohol consumption has become a ritual that students often see as an important part of their higher-education experience. College drinking affects students, their families, and the college environment. Influences of Greek...
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