Tongue Twister Essay Example

Pages: 3 (450 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Voiceless “Th” word lists
- Thief thieves thinker third
- Thanks thatch theme thigh
- Thing thorn thought thumb
- Thump thanksgiving thermos thighbone
- Thimble thistle thunder theory
- Thermometer thermostat theater thumbtack
- Thursday thin thaw think
- Thirst thud threaten thick
- Thicken thinking thirteen thirty
- Thirsty thankful thankless thorough
- Thoughtful thoughtless thousand thermal

Voiced “Th” word lists
- Smoother their this thee them
- Thou then bather mother father
- Either neither brother lather wither
- Northern these those they feather
- Gather weather southern clothe although
- Thy thine themselves rhythm breathe
- Wreathe heather leather The Netherlands

Tongue Twisters with voiced TH and the Voiceless TH

Thirty thousand thoughtless boys,
Thought they`d make a thundering noise;
So with thirty thousand thumbs,
They thumbed on thirty thousand drums.

Whether the weather is fine,
Or whether the weather is not,
Whether the weather is cold,
Or whether the weather is hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whether we like it or not!

Three free throws

1. I thought a thought. But the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I thought.

2. Three thin thieves thought a thousand thoughts. Now if three thin thieves thought a thousand thoughts how many thoughts did each thief think?

3. The thirty-three thankful thieves thought that they thanked the other thirty-three thankful thieves throughout Thursday.



If you think you're safe from thievery, think again. Most thefts occur within three miles of the victim's home. People often venture into the streets without giving their valuables a second thought. They leave things out in the open, where thieves can easily spot them. Items worth thousands of dollars can be stolen in a tenth of a second. So be thoughtful. Only you can thwart this terrible crime. Watch your things carefully. Thieves do....
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