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Topics: Reading, Language acquisition, Dyslexia, Reading comprehension / Pages: 13 (3332 words) / Published: Oct 4th, 2014
Language arts education incorporates the teaching and learning of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These strands should not be perceived as individual content areas, but as one unified subject in which each of the four areas supports the others and enhances thinking and learning. Traditionally however, teachers have typically paid little attention to listening in Language Arts instruction. This failure of teachers to focus on the development of listening in language arts is a serious oversight.
In recognition of the importance of students developing essential listening skills we at the “Language Arts for Life” team seek to introduce to your institution the myriad of reliable strategies available to educators to ensure that this integral skill is not underdeveloped in our students. Our team comprises of members who are highly qualified and have been extensively trained in the art of incorporating listening into language arts instruction.
Over the years we have proven to be effective in our consultations due to the emphasis we place on listening in the reading process and we assure you that our ideas and service will be quite profitable to you. Our past consumers can testify to the acceleration in fluency and comprehension in learners and our service has eliminated sound illiteracy. Our strategies are workable and we strongly recommend that you consider this huge opportunity. We are prepared to unleash our expertise and look forward to establishing a meaningful relationship with you and we vie for the transformation of the learners’ academic status and superb results in Language Arts.
Listening is a skill that allows a person to receive oral information from others. It is therefore sometimes referred to as a receptive skill and as an oral language skill. Researchers who study the development of language in young children point out that oral language development precedes and is the foundation for written language development The ability to read and

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