Technology and world change

Topics: Innovation, Video game console, IPhone Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: February 28, 2014
It is mentioned that established firms gain their competitive edge through incremental innovation as it emphasises on their core competencies. This argument is valid and logical as there are various established firms that improve on their core concepts rather than changing to a whole new concept in order to market its brand and product. One such established case will be Apple’s Iphone.Apple continues to upgrade and improve on the core concept of Iphone and its very own IOS system which gains popularity even after so many years. With Iphone 3 evolving to Iphone 5, the system and components barely changes with only slight improvement on camera definition and design.

The author has also stated that radical innovation is difficult to adapt by established firms as the usefulness of existing capabilities is destroyed. While it may be true that established firms might not undergo radical innovation all the time due to their core competencies in the industry and their reluctance to abolish it to come up with a new technology that they are not competent in, there are instances when they need to do so like losing their competitive edge in their core competencies as compared to other players. One of the example will be Nintendo’s Wii. While it has always been producing gaming consoles like Gameboy and Nintendo 3D, it realises that it has been losing out to competitors like Sony due to the popularity with handheld consoles with interactive games. Hence in such instances, established Nintendo made a breakthrough by inventing Wii which allows users to interact through sensors and motions that can be detected by the screen. This radical innovation in turn allowed Nintendo to compete in the industry again.

It has also been abstracted that designers may use focusing on what is helpful in solving previous problems as a major solution to solve problems within components which reflects architectural knowledge. While it may be true that it will be rather efficient and...
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