Sun poisoning

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Sun poisoning – Tama Janowitz – 1986

General info on post-modernism
The current belief of postmodernism is that a correct and precise description of reality is impossible. The truth, said by Nietzche, is limited and constantly evolving. There is a focus on the deconstruction and fragmentation of novels, paintings and general art and because of that, it is nearly impossible to give a clear definition of the term “post-modernism”. Authors such as Haruki Murakami and Michael Strunge

Sun poisoning – Tama Janowitz – 1986
Summary of the text
The short story “Sun poisoning” is about a couple, whom we never get a name for, that is going on a vacation to Haiti after the boyfriend has finished an art show in New York and decides that both of them need to get away. The story focuses on the girlfriend who isn’t too happy about going on vacation because she thinks that it is a lot more hard work than just staying at home. The girlfriend complains a lot about the food and general location of their hotel and is not really pleased with their vacation. One day her boyfriend falls ill and sleeps all day and the girlfriend is mad at him for leaving her alone, but the next day, when they are about to eat dinner, the girlfriend falls ill herself and has been sun poisoned from laying on the beach too much and for the rest of the vacation she has to wear long pants, shirts, a cap and shoes and she can barely walk three steps without her body burning. The story end with an ironic note about the, in the girlfriends eyes, crappy three man band that only knows two song. Characterization

The girlfriend
We do not get a name for her, nor do we get an exact age, but I would think that she is around the late twenties or early thirties because she has a boyfriend, not a husband and because she cares a lot about how she looks1. She is a woman who feels out of place in her body2. She is the protagonist of the short story and is very negative3. She doesn’t really get the whole female...
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