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Chapter I
The Problem


Having a term paper as a requirement for the graduating students is important. It may be difficult for the students since it is their first time to make this requirement but it is fun to do this, since this is one of knowing the author and the same time develop the researcher’s skill in analyzing and interpreting ideas. In the writing this term paper the researchers gain information and get familiar to the works and life story of the two authors.

This term paper focuses the comparative study of William Blake and Walt Whitman. The researchers gather information through research and analyze the data to answer the question stated in the problem.


William Blake was an English poet, engraver, and a painter. A boldly imaginative rebel in both his through and art, he combined poetic and pictorial genius to explore life.


William Blake was born in London, England, on November 28, 1757, the second son of a men’s clothing merchant. From his earliest year he saw vision. He would see trees full of angels on similar sights, if this were not true mystical visions; they were the results of the artistic intense spiritual understanding of the world. From his early teens Blake wrote poems, often setting them to melodies of his own composition. At the age of ten, Blake started at the well-known Park’s DrawingSchool, at age of fourteen; he began a seven year apprenticeship to an engraver. It was as an engraver that Blake earned his living for the rest of his life. After he was twenty-one, Blake studied for a time at The Royal Academy of Arts, but he was unhappy with the instruction and left. In August 1782, Blake married Catherine Boucher. He was taught her to read and to write, and she later became a valued assistant. His sweet sha of delight, as Blake, called Catherine as a devoted and loving wife.


When he was twenty-six he wrote a collection entitled Poetical Sketches and it was the only one of Blake’s poetic works to appear in conventional printed from he later invented and practiced a new method. After his father died on 1784, Blake set up a print shop next door to the family shop. In 1787, his beloved brother Robert died; thereafter Blake claimed that Robert communicated with him in visions. It was Robert, Blake said, who inspired him with a new method of illuminated etching. The words and on design was drawn on reverse on the plate covered with an acid, resting substance; acid was them applied. Blake used his unique methods to print almost all of his long poems. In 1787, Blake produced Song of Innocence (1789) as the first major work in his new process, followed by Song of Experience (1794). The magnificent lyrics of these two collections carefully compare the openness of innocence with the bitterness of experience.

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Blake spent the years 1800 to 1803 in Sussex working with William Hayley, a minor poet and man of letters. With good intensions Hayley tired to cure Blake of his unprofitable enthusiasm. Blake finally rebelled against this criticism and reject Hayley’s help. In Milton (c.1800-1810).Blake wrote an allegory in this relationship. He identified with the poet John Milton (1600-1674) in leaving the safety to heaven and returning to earth. Also at this time in life Blake was accused of uttering sedition (treasonous) sentiments. Has was later found not guilty but the incident affected much of Blake’s final epic. Jerusalem (c.1804-1820). Back in London, Blake worked hard of this poems engraving and painting, but he suffered several reverses. He also received insulting reviews of that project and of and exhibition he grave in 1809 to introduce of idea of decorating public buildings with portable frescoes (painting done on moist plaster using water-based paints). He composed the Four Zoas , mystical...

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First and foremost, I would like to give our sincere thanks and praise to our almighty father with his deniable power and immeasurable love not wise for us but for the whole human race.
To our beloved parents with there continuously support and understanding especially in times that we almost forgot our responsibility as a son. Thank you so much with your love and compassion we can be a fulfilled person someday.
To Our teachers, our second parents with their administrable courage and patience, to them we also offer this activity. Without their thorough teaching and lessons we won’t be here in this year level.
To our classmates and friends we also dedicate this requirement. Thank you so much, not just for being of there always and helping us in making this requirement but also you accepted us as a friend. At first we thought that you were hostile.
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