Speech Text Analysis Example

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Speech Text Analysis
In 1872 women's rights activist Susan B. Anthony was arrested for illegally voting in that year's presidential election. She gave a speech following the incident, in an effort to persuade her audience of her innocence and of the injustice done against her. Susan B. Anthony's speech on Women's Right to Vote is an excellent example of what a good persuasion speed should be. She uses a circular pattern of organization to state her purpose in a tasteful and direct manner that displays well her passionate views on the subject of women's suffrage. Anthony's speech includes an intriguing, clearly written introduction, a body that is well-put and thought-provoking, and a conclusion that beautifully wraps up her ideas and which leaves her audience feeling the importance of her words.

Anthony's introduction is beautifully written. Right away she grabs the attention of her audience by announcing the considerably unjust circumstances which have brought her to speak on the occasion and her purpose of disproving the truth of the allegations brought against her. She announces her main points saying, "It shall be my work this evening to prove to you that in thus voting, I not only committed no crime, but, instead, simply exercised my citizen's rights, guaranteed to me and all United States citizens by the National Constitution, beyond the power of any state to deny." This statement sums up her main points in a way that is easy to follow, and also that helps to invoke the same passion which she feels on the subject in the hearts' of her audience.

She introduces the body of her speech with an excerpt from the preamble of the Federal Constitution, a source that can definitely be determined as a credible one. The excerpt works very well as a transitional piece into the body of her speech. She uses the excerpt to secure her point that the country was founded on equality, including the equality of women. She takes and explains the statement...
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