sociology: juvenile delinquency

Topics: Criminology, Juvenile delinquency, Sociology Pages: 3 (481 words) Published: May 1, 2014
Status offenses – crimes because of that individuals status (ex: underage drinking, running away) Deviance – behaviors that go against social norms (doesn’t have to be right or wrong) ex: being a vegetarian Crimes – behaviors that have laws against them

Crime and delinquency is a type of deviance
Informal control – ex parents
Formal controls – police, school


Over 90% of juveniles commit delinquency (ex: smoking, drinking, sexual activity) mostly minor offenses Serious delinquencies are relatively small
“Age Out” of crime
Official records, victim surveys, self report surveys
Official records – uniform crime report, tracks juvenile crimes as well UCR – 2 types of offenses ,
Part one (Type A) - murder, robbery, rape, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft Part two (type B) –
UCR is looking at solving issues but in general its best not only to utilize these records because many crimes are not reported - better to use victim surveys (may or may not reported the crime) makes for great data self report surveys – done for adults and youth (have you ever committed a crime) (they can lie) typically they give these surveys in school

the idea of juvenile delinquency is socially constructed
3 historical development –
1st development of childhood separate than adulthood
2nd development – parens patriae – (translation - parent of the country) idea of having the best interest of the child (job to take child if parents neglect children) 3rd development – development of positivist criminology – the world

Prostitution and Run Away – females more likely to commit these crimes than males Overall, males commit more crimes than females
Chiveraly hypothesis – females treated less harsh
But now change in tide – may go into flip side

4 Main components of theories
1. State what it is what they want to explain
2. what they believe to believe the cause of delinquency...
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