Social Aspect in Marketing

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Name- Mithila Javeri
Social aspect in marketing

What is marketing?
Marketing, more than any other business function, deals with customers. Understanding, creating, communicating, and delivering customer value and satisfaction are at the very heart of modern marketing thinking and practice. What is societal marketing or social aspect in marketing?

Societal Marketing is basically a marketing concept that is of the view that a company must make good marketing decisions after considering consumer wants, the requirements of the company and most of all the long term interests of the society. 

Societal Marketing is actually an offshoot of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development. This concept urges companies to do more than having an exchange relationship with customers, to go beyond delivering products and work for the benefit of the consumers and the society. Meaning:

The societal marketing concept embodies a higher and more enlightened plane of marketing thought and practice. The concept has an emphasis on social responsibility and suggests that for a company to only focus on exchange relationship with customers might not be in order to sustain long term success. Rather, marketing strategy should deliver value to customers in a way that maintains or improves both the consumer's and the society's well-being.

Most companies recognize that socially responsible activities improve their image among customers, stockholders, the financial community, and other relevant publics. Ethical and socially responsible practices are simply good business, resulting not only in favorable image, but ultimately in increased sales.

The societal marketing concept:

The 1980s & 1990s saw the emergence of Societal Marketing concept. The Societal Marketing concept calls upon marketers to build social & ethical values into their Marketing practice. It states that firm should not just make consumer satisfying goods but also "Environmental Friendly" & "Consumer Health oriented Products". It should then deliver superior value to customers in a way that maintains or improves the consumer & society's wellbeing.

The societal concept of Marketing insists that organization while framing their Marketing policies should balance 3 considerations -

Consumer satisfaction + Public interest + Company Profit

this concept holds that -

* Determine the needs, wants & interest of target market. * Deliver, the desired satisfaction more efficiently & effectively than competitors, and. * Preserve & enhance the customer's & society's well being.

(Kotler et al, 1993)

The societal concept calls on marketers to balance three considerations in setting their marketing policies: company profits, consumer wants, and society’s interest. Originally, most companies based their marketing decisions largely on short-run company profit. Eventually they began to recognize the long run importance of satisfying consumer wants and the marketing concept emerged. Now many companies are beginning to think of society’s interests when making their marketing decisions.

Societal marketing planning model:

This stage is the most crucial, as it is essential to focus on understanding the consumer first. This stage delivers the market research data required in order to make the correct case for change. It involves a variety of methods, including desk-based research into local, regional, national and international work, stakeholder and customer consultation as well as workshops with the client, its partners and the target audience. Develop

During this phase we use the formative research to establish the product and message design in order to identify the most appropriate way to reach the segmented target audience and develop the message and imagery. This includes - * Working on the interventions to overcome challenges and overcoming barriers which such as accepting...
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