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Social and Personality Development in Early Adulthood
Social development is the phase that refers to the alteration of social order within a society.This development is between ages 20-40

Theories of Social and Personality Development
Intimate Relationships
Parenthood and other Relationships
Career Development

Intimate Relationships

Love: Refers to a variety of different feeling starts, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure Sternberg’s Triangular Theory: The Three Faces of Love
Robert Sternberg says that love is made up of three components: Three key components of love

Theories of Social and Personality Development

Erikson's Stage of Intimacy versus Isolation:

Erikson regarded young adulthood as the time of the intimacy versus isolation stage. Focus is on developing close, intimate relationship with others. •Intimacy versus isolation stage: spans the period of post adolescence into the early 30s •Isolation: Results from relationships that are inadequate, lack of self-closure, and unresolved identity crises Marriage:

meets fundamental needs for belonging, sex, emotional growth, happiness •best way for raising children
Positively related with better physical, mental and financial well-being •younger age at marriage, not attending church, being previously divorced, having parents who divorced •Same-sex marriage

Divorce rate highest in early adulthood, half of marriages end in divorce, Communication problems is #1 reason


Parenthood and other Relationships


the desire to become a parent,parenthood is now truly a choice •the average number of kids a family will have is 1.8
women who work in demanding careers are less likely to become parents

most of our relationships with others involve friends, and for most people maintaining such relationship...
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