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Should the Junk Food Ad Be Banned or Not?

By 0622seine Aug 06, 2013 633 Words
Good morning everyone, I do thanks for negative groups’ opinion, however, I do not agree with them.

Now I would like to state my opinions: junk food is convenient and inexpensive. However, consuming junk foods, especially if you eat them often, may increase the risk of chronic disease. Junk food not only effect the growth of the children but also do harm to the health of the adults.

There are some junk foods health risk facts:

The same health problems to the adults, junk food increases the risk of obesity.

The research found that a person who consumes junk foods at least twice per week gains an extra 4.5 kg of body weight. The fat and the oil in the junk food make you fatter and fatter. Besides, when you eat junk food, you may drink sodas and colas, these drinks all contain sugar and which increase your weight.

Junk foods is dangerous to the babies during the pregnancy
An expert warned that junk food is harmful to the unborn baby as smoking because there are deadly chemical in the junk food, if the pregnant woman eat much junk food, the new borned baby will be unhealthy.

3. Junk Food Can Damage Your Liver and Your Heart
The high levels of fat and sodium in junk food can contribute to heart disease, and the high levels of trans fatty acids can lead to fatty liver deposits, which, over time, can cause liver disease.

4.High Blood Pressure
Junk foods contain high amounts of sodium. High sodium in the diet can cause of high blood pressure.

5.Increased Risk of Stroke
Experts warned that stroke is increased by 1 percent for every junk food restaurant.

Needless to say, junk food caused serious disease. Moreover, processing junk food waste more fuel than processing healthy food and junk food waste huge amount of paper and plastic for packaging, so junk food waste the energy and destroy the environment.

In conclusion, we agree that junk food advertising should be banned. The research shows that the advertising encourages people to eat more junk food and the junk food may cause the harm to both children and adults. Dear friends, according to a new poll by the Australian National University, more than 75 per cent of Australians support a ban on junk food advertising, it means that most of Australian are expecting the ban on junk food. So, our group strongly support that the junk food should be banned.

Junk food is a business. However business should not only considering making profit, business should also considering the world’s environment and saving the energy. Research shows that processing junk food waste more fuel than processing healthy food and junk food waste huge amount of paper and plastic for packaging, this business waste the energy and destroy the environment, so we should ban its advertising.

Parents responsibility:
Yes, parents are responsible for the children’s action. However, the advertising not only effect children but also effect the adults. It is the muti-media age, junk food advertising are here and there, it not only attract the children, some adults are also easy to be attracted. To avoid the junk food advertising, the best way is to ban it.

Free country:
Yes, Australia is a free country, everyone may has his own choice. However, just like the free country has compulsory voting, Australian people should do what have to do, and ban what should be ban. Processing junk food waste more fuel than processing healthy food and junk food waste huge amount of paper and plastic for packaging, so it waste the energy and destroy the environment. We love our free country, so we need to protect its energy and its environment. So junk food advertising should be ban.

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