Short Story

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There is evidence that shows that irony plays a major role in the short stories, The Haiji, No Witch Craft For Sale and The Wedge Tailed Eagle

In the short story, the Haiji, irony is shown when Haiji Hassen wants to preserve his dignity in the eyes of society but in the end his dignity is finally destroyed by his stubbornness and pride. in the story, Haiji Hassen's brother, Karim is dying and would like a normal Muslim funeral but Karim married a white woman and went over to live with the whites severing his family ties. this trampled on Hassen's dignity and self respect but was still willing to forgive his brother. when Haiji Hassen agreed to help Karim with the funeral, he met 3 white boys in the elevator on the way out of Karim's building. the boys humiliated Hassen and believed that it was because of Karim that this had happened. Hassen refused to help his brother and did not see him again. Later, Karim dies and Hassen did not get to see his brother again because he thought that society would think of him as weak but not helping or seeing his brother before his death, made him look weak anyhow.

No Witch Craft For Sale, irony is shown when the child of rich farm owners form a bond with the black house boy named Gideon. As Teddy grows older, the difference in skin colour make them become distant and that makes Gideon sad. Teddy starts to show racial acts against Gideon and his youngest son, for example: when Teddy gets a new scooter he starts to show off and frighten Gideon's son. Teddy is becoming a white boy : distant and formal. Gideon still cares for Teddy, there is still a bond between them yet the racial differences put distance between them.

The Wedge - Tailed Eagle is ironic because the eagle was said to be the biggest eagle in the world and one must pay him more respect. It is the most majestic bird that there is. While the aeroplanes that are flying in the eagles territory are clumsy and noisy things. The pilots of the...
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