Serving in Florida

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Answers to questions 1-4 in the Close Reading “ Sister Flowers “ 1. Paragraph #1. “ Then, I met, or rather got to know, the lady who threw me my first life line” The dominant Impression was that she intends on describing the person in her life that saved her from a traumatic event by mentoring her and that she highly respected and looked up to her which made it that much more gratifying. 2. She admires her, educated tongue, her graceful walk, her ability to swoon a listener when she reads, her success, her communication skills where she skillfully varies the way to she talks to depending on who she is talking to. 3. She is ashamed because she fails to use the proper verb and verbiage which in her eyes is disrespectful. When they talk with each other it is if they were paternal sisters separated only by education. 4. Their first meeting was not only at Mrs. Flowers house but that this meeting was filled with aromas of freshly cooked food (tea cookies), the cold taste of lemonade on the palate and an atmosphere laden and rich in success. “It was the equivalent of attending church “ and attending church made her feel comfortable and so did Mrs. Flowers. This all influenced her because she learned that the person she liked, “ liked “ also liked her and this impressed her, and that coupled with all of the physical senses she now felt the emotional ones as well. And this would develop her into her mentors “way” of life.

Answer to questions 1-4 in the Close Reading and #2 in the Writers Craft. 1. Para.4 The aftermath of an historical hurricane….”the smell of a dead city”…para. 6 ”this new urban landscape”. 2. Urban floodplain depicts the initial encounter to what the author sees and of which is just the surface of what to come in the latter part of the essay and segways into the “ Life after Katrina “. 3. In “ Starting Again “ he depicts how the most basic necessities are being established and...
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