Semiotic Analysis of Clothing Essay Example

Pages: 3 (966 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Clothing as a Group Interest
Clothing affects popular culture by giving us the freedom to express our individuality. Although it gives us the freedom to express our individuality, popular culture limits our choices. In popular culture clothing is a major system which is ever changing. The clothes that were accepted in the 80’s are not the same clothes that are accepted in today’s culture. In modern society clothing has become a considerable factor of social status. Without clothing our culture would lack a sense of individuality. Style is most commonly defined as the manner in which something is expressed. Clothing symbolizes style. People are often judged by the clothes they wear. Style shows a person’s character. In popular culture styles tends to stand out. A person who wears a lot of black most likely has a gothic style, whereas someone who wears brighter colors can be characterized as a preppy person. Clothing symbolizes style by allowing an individual to express themselves. Since our economy is based on consumerism, people have a wide variety of things to select from. Therefore each of us is a potential consumer who can choose from among the multitude of clothing selection offered. These choices allow us to create lifestyles that define our unique identities as members of popular culture.

Different groups in popular culture tend to wear different clothing. Some wear more extravagant clothing articles, others a more humble attire. Often time’s people characterize the clothes in a store with a certain group. Some may say that the clothing from the brand American Eagle symbolizes a preppy group; where as the articles of clothing made by South Pole is typically a symbol of a more urban group. A new sign in the system of clothing is skinny jeans. Although new to the market, skinny jeans were very popular in 80’s culture. Worn by women and men they have brought a new look into our culture of clothing by blending different styles. Skinny jeans on men are less...
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