Self Implicated Wounds

Topics: Poetry, Soldier, Family Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: April 22, 2014
S.I.W. (pg 137)
(Self inflected wounds)
This anycronym is not good in one’s report as a soldier would have wounded himself to avoid to go to battle meaning that a soldier was a coward. The qoute from Yeats is already indicating something.

Poem is sectioned off the prologue is the setting then the action what actually happened and then a poetic approach , owen in a way is making fun of those poets who showed their patroism and telling them that they are trying to hide the harsh reality behind those words and then the epologue which is the ending. Here owen is combining both the new powers of the colloquial style and also his old voice, experimenting with different styles. Qoute : Yeats in this poem is speaking about a man who in deciding to die is disregarding the norms of society , what society expects from its citizens , expects to obey , to follow the rules and not to cause chaos but to be orderly. Owen uses this qoute to make fun of those who write about the soldiers who should not go against the orders. Those shooting themselves are doing an act of rebellion as they are going against fighting for their country and against their friends. In this qoute the persona is saying that he can’t like the men who are disloyal and against the orders of the king, sympathizing with the king. Ties in the fact that many soldiers prefer death to life is seen as an act of betrayal and cowardness , also pressure to go to war and pressure from society. I , persona, is another citizen meaning that he is creating pressure , the army itself. Uses the qoute to emphasize all this. Prologue : the structure of this is similar to classical poetry , epic poetry (a poem about important historical moments) and narrative poetry. Taking this typical structure and using it in order to connect with the war and for him it is also an epic moment as it is causing chaos in life. 1-2 : “patting goodbye” – usually a gentle kind gesture becomes very patronising as they are sending them as...
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