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Topics: Electric charge, Electricity, Electric current Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: April 27, 2014
-METALLOIDS – has both metallic and non-metallic properties -NOBLE GASES – are colourless, and tasteless, they glow brightly when an electrical current is passed through them -METALS – is an element that has lustre, is a conductor, and is a malleable and ductile -NON-METALS – is element that is usually a gas or a dull powdery solid

Halogen family
-Very reactive
-Can be poisonous
-Chlorine gas was used as a chemical weapon during WW1
-Iodine is used to disinfect scrapes and cuts
-Bromine can be added to increase the brightest and life of the bulb, but dangerous when it is near flammable materials

Alkaline family
-Shiny, silvery, and soft
-Calcium helps builds strong bone and teeth
-Strontium builds strong shell in cooral
-Magnesium are used in fireworks

Know the movement of the leaves on a metal leaf electroscope -When a negatively charged object is brought near the electroscope, electrons are transferred into the leaves, which causes them to repel and spread apart -Opposite charged, they attract each other

Law of attraction/ repulsion
-Objects that have like charges repel each other
-Objects that have opposite charges attract each other

28.Two neutrals rubbed together: what happens?
-A neutral object has an equal number of positive and negative electric charges which means that when two neutral objects are brought together, they are neither attracted nor repelled from one another.

Two bulbs connect in series
-The more loads that are connected in series, the lower the current would be in the circuit

Instrument (equipment) and static electricity
-Instrument: hair and ballon
-Static electricity – is an imbalance of electric charge on the surface of an object

31.ENERGY: voltage (V)
CURRENT: amount of electrons in one second (I) (AMPS) R = V/I I = V/R V = I x R
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