SBU Symphony Orchestra Fall 2012

Topics: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Orchestra, Concerto Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: October 14, 2013
The Stony Brook Symphony Orchestra and Fady Deeb
Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lontano by György Ligeti
This piece has an eerie and dissonant aura throughout the piece, without having much musical resolve in its sounds. The entire orchestra was included in this piece, except for the percussion section. These polyphonic sounds of this piece were played extensively, reflecting no noticeable tempo or rhythm, therefore creating ambiguous sounds. However, the dynamic range was wide enough to create forward movement in the piece. Also, it was noticed that the chords that were being played were mostly semi-tonic with many minor second chords that sound unpleasant to the ears of most. There were no solos in this piece. After the half-way point of the piece, the music became more intense with more texture coming from the strings, creating suspenseful tension and fear. The program mentioned that this piece was used as a soundtrack for numerous sci-fi and horror films. Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat Minor, Op. 23 by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky I. Allegro non troppo e molto maestoso

II. Andantino semplice
III. Allegro con fuoco
The first movement of Tchaikovsky’s piano concerto can be described as majestic, hearing the entire symphonic ensemble. The piano soloist mostly played arpeggios and harmonic imitations of the lyrical strings. The dynamics of this movement were the loudest during the most punctual segments, and softer during the later lyrical piano solos. The triumphant sections of the piece were the most exciting. This movement includes all of the symphonic sections. The second movement is slower paced, and has a dreamy quality to it. It includes solos from the piano and the flute. The first half of the movement is angelic and soothing to the ears, with many harmonious sounds, creating consonance sounds. The piano then bursts into an explosive solo (with the orchestra in the background) and then later, simmers down to the moderate tempo of choral sounds similar...
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