Progress Report Summaries: Flowers for Algernon

Topics: Flowers for Algernon, Mental retardation, Rorschach test Pages: 9 (3676 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Flowers for algernon- CHAPTER SUMMARIES
Progress report 1
-Dr Strauss tells him (Charlie Gordon) to write down what he remembers from now on -Works in Donner’s bakery, 32 years old
-Learns 3 times a week at the Beekmin College for retarded adults -Charlie talks about being tested by Dr Strauss to see if they can make him smart Progress report 2
-Charlie has a test in the psych department that includes looking at cards with ink blots on them and is told to say what he sees on the cards with Burt -Burt gets frustrated when Charlie doesn’t respond well to the test and can’t picture any images on the cards and his only response is that he sees an ink blot Progress report 3

-Miss Kinnian tells Dr Strauss that Charlie is the best pupil in her school and that he wants to be smart more than anyone there -Prof Nemur and Dr Strauss explain to Charlie that they don’t know how good the experiment is going to work because he is the first human recipient -Charlie says he hasn’t seen his family in a long time and doesn’t even know if they’re still alive -Writing the progress reports is hard and tiring for him and he loses sleep over it Progress report 4

-Charlie undergoes a thematic apperception test where he has to make up stories about the people he sees in the pictures -When the lady explains to Charlie that the two tests he underwent are for building personality. When he doesn’t get the concept the lady takes the pictures away and is angry towards him -Burt Selden takes Charlie to the psychology laboratory on the 4th floor in the Beekman University where he starts by playing puzzles and games -When faced with a paper maze, Charlie can’t figure out how to trace a line with his pencil from start to finish without crossing the lines that are there already -On the 5th floor Burt tries to clarify the maze by bringing Charlie to an animal experimental laboratory -He brings out a mouse named Alergnon and makes him go through a box maze like the one on Charlie’s paper -Burt gets Charlie to race against the mouse except this time Charlie uses a wooden box too where he gets shocked by the tracing stick if he goes the wrong way -Alergnon beats Charlie ten times but he eventually learns how to slowly finish the maze Progress report 5

-Prof Nemur and Dr Strauss find Charlie’s mother and sister Norma in Brooklyn who give permission for Charlie to undergo the operation -Charlie hears a conversation between the two men about his operation -Prof Harold Nemur is worried that Charlie will get sick from the jump from his low IQ to one that is much higher -Dr Strauss tells him that most retarded adults are hostile, uncooperative, dull and apathetic but Charlie has a good nature and is eager to learn -Prof Nemur explains that Charlie will be the first human to ever have his intelligence increased by surgery because of his tremendous motivation -Charlie believes that Burt and Dr Strauss are on his side and Prof Nemur is against the experiment -Prof Nemur explains the dangers of the experiment: nothing physical; either it works temporarily and leaves him worse than before or it doesn’t work at all Progress report 6

-Charlie gets prepared for the operation; people from the college and the medical school come to wish him luck -He wants to be smart so he’ll be able to find his family and have friends like a normal person Progress report 7

-Charlie has bandages on his eyes for 3 days
-Burt takes Charlies vital signs and tells him the purpose of writing the reports is so that the doctors can study the changes going on in his mind -His nurse Hilda tells him to pray to God for the sins that Prof Nemur and Dr Strauss have done to him for they shouldn’t have tampered with his mind. She believes it is against God’s will -Hilda gets sent to the maternity ward instead and they replace her with Lucille -Miss Kinnian explains to Charlie that he won’t be instantly smart; the operation just made it so that the information will stick in his mind unlike...
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