Pro-Gun Speech Example

Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Imagine you are in your house, it’s nighttime, and you are about to turn in for the night. Suddenly, you hear a sound from the front door, but you’re not expecting anybody. You become suspicious and worry, for what awaits behind the door? You fear for your family, your little three-year-old baby girl. As an instinct, as a parent, what is the first thing you grab? Not your son’s baseball bat or your golf club, what if the intruder is a burly, six foot tall man? Anything aside from your dependable gun, you feel, would be ineffective to the safekeeping of your precious family and security of your loving home. You grab your gun and stand in front of your family. Your spouse begins to cry and holds your children tightly within their arms. Suddenly you hear a pound, a crisp crackle, and a shout from behind you. You hear the intruder stalk down the hall to the room where you and your family wait, and soon he stands facing you in the doorway. The door creaks open, you hear a click from his gun, and he opens the door. He looks at you, and he realizes you have a gun pointed at his chest. He begins to run away. Now, at this point, would you not be glad that you had this reliable gun? Guns aren’t the catalyst of crime ladies and gentlemen. Criminals are. The problem is NOT the gun control, but the criminal control. Don’t you agree that any disturbed person is far more dangerous than a loaded gun? A gun is predictable, while a disturbed person is not. To begin with, guns aren’t the ONLY source of crime in America. There are many fatal car accidents as well, and they kill around 40,000 people annually, so should we ban cars too? Should anything and everything that causes deaths be banned as well? The government and the anti-gun lobby need to understand that guns should not be blamed for everything and people should be trusted with guns. No matter which tool is used in the homicide, the bottom line remains the same. Weapons do not kill people; people kill people. Moreover,...
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