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Topics: The Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyan, Giant Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: February 10, 2014
Presentation John Bunyan - The Pilgrim's progress

I searched for information about the book the Pilgrims progress in the Grangerford's house. First I will explain what an allegory is. Secondly I will tell what Pilgrim's progress is about and why it is an allegory and lastly I will explain why I think the mentioning of the book Pilgrim's progress has to do with satirizing the Grangerfords.

An allegory is an extended metaphor which conveys its hidden message through symbolic figures. It has a literal meaning and a symbolic meaning. Sometimes a whole book is an allegory. Pilgrim's progress is a good example of that.

Pilgrim's Progress is about man called Christian who goes on a journey from his hometown (The city of destruction) to The Celestial city which is known as heaven. He carries a heavy burden on his back, which is knowledge of his Sin, and this is so unbearable that he has to seek Deliverance because otherwise he'll go to hell. On the way he meets people with names like; Hope, Faithful and Giant despair. These either help or counteract him on his journey to heaven. The book symbolizes the ascension of the soul from earth to heaven.

As we know the Grangerfords pretend to have great morality's saying they liked the preaching about brotherly love, free grace and predestination, but they don't act like it, as they keep killing people from the Sheperdsons family. They think they are doing a good job by going to church, caring for Huck but their morality has no value, as they kill people because of a feud going back a long time ago. They ignore the fact that they don't have brotherly love towards the Sheperdsons.

Christian meets Ignorance on his way, who wants to go to heaven but only on his own terms, he wants to go the easy, short track. Ignorance wants the benefits of the final destination, heaven, but doesn't want to do something for it. He ignores Christian's advice and finally ends up in hell.

Just like Ignorance, the Grangerfords are...
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