Poverty and Hunger in the Philippines

Topics: Philippines, Government, Major Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: October 16, 2012
From: Reporter’s Notebook on GMA News TV

Poverty and Hunger are the most common reasons why there is “Child Labour” existed not just only in the Philippines, but also in other parts of Asia. Corrupt governance also caused poverty, that’s why there is a need for us to strive harder in order to survive. In reality, many people aren’t lucky to live in a descent and comfortable living. The short documentary bought several lessons to us Filipinos, especially to those teenagers. I was really moved by this documentary.

Liza, an 11 year-old girl, is one of the millions of people who suffer at her young age in order to ease the pain of hunger caused by poverty. She picks up plastics, tin cans, wires and other tradable materials in which she would sell them in the junk shop near their village. She goes to school with her destroyed foot ware and with her old bag, notebooks and uniforms which she used when she was still at grade one. But despite her condition, she stood bravely to pursue her dreams without minding her situation as a hindrance in achieving her dreams. She grew up without her father’s company and her mother who does laundry could not afford to send her to school herself alone. That’s why she was also forced to let her daughter do the job to support her studies. Liza, without minding that the surrounding of her work place would cause her illness, still works hard to support her family’s basic commodities and her studies as well.

There were millions of Lizas’ who was left unsupported by the local government. They are the ones who should be the focus of the government itself on order to maintain the country’s progressive economy. I can say that I am lucky enough to have parents that would support me throughout my daily life. And I am so amazed with Liza that despite her condition, she is able to become the top student of their class. I am very proud of her. I prayed that someday, God will lift them up to success. Corrupt governance is a...
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