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Topics: Egyptian pyramids, Great Pyramid of Giza, Ancient Egypt Pages: 6 (2013 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The Great Pyramid
I. Introduction:

Did Aliens built the Great pyramid? Or there’s a correlation of the Orion and the Pyramid? The Great Pyramid is a mysterious and historical place found in Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the Largest of the original Seven Wonders of the World that still stands today. This was the only proof that they giving more value and importance of the Pyramid and behind its historical place that found in Egypt. We know that its wondrous structure of the Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt was built as burial tombs for Egyptian royalty. Did you know who, what and how the pyramid formed? The Pyramids have been studied for centuries, by the greatest scholars, scientists, mathematicians, astronomers, historians, architects and physicists. According to some article that I read, no one knows how old the Pyramid. Peter Lemesurier states the following about historians in his book The Great Pyramid Decoded. "The sober truth is, of course, that no historian has yet advanced an explanation of the Great Pyramid’s construction that is convincing (p. 6)." This was so meticulous, right? That there are so many people studied the pyramid but we have not a clear idea about the Great Pyramid.

The purpose of this paper is to give the reader some general knowledge about the secret of pyramid of Egypt. How they built the pyramid? Who build the pyramids? What purpose of the great pyramid?  What if there are no secrets about the pyramid? There is a lot more to be discovered. What if it’s ALL there written in hieroglyphics, but we are not having enough knowledge to understand what they are saying. All we know for sure is the Great Pyramid slipped quietly onto the world stage and stood silently not so much waiting to be noticed as waiting to be understood. The question remains simply of what, who, when and how.

II. The Great Pyramid:

The Great Pyramid is the largest, heaviest, strongest and mysterious structure in the world. The Great Pyramid is composed of four triangular sides and a square base. It covered an area of 13 acres. The original height of the Great Pyramid was 485 feet, but due to erosion its height declined to 450 feet. Each side of the square base is 755.5 feet in length. The angle of the pyramid is 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 14.3 seconds. The base unit of measurement in the Pyramid's is 25.052 inches. It consists of approximately 2.5 million blocks that weight from 2.6 tons each, its total mass is more than 6.3 million tons. The exact number of stones was originally estimated at 2,300,000 stone blocks. The blocks on the top of the pyramid are from the same site and time period as those on the bottom. The stones are cut so precisely that a credit card cannot fit between them. The pyramid builders us barges and wooden sleds to transport blocks to the pyramid site. The sleds were dragged manually, sometimes with the help of beasts of burden, over smoothed roads. Some of the existing pathways were equipped with transverse wooden beams to lend support to the sled. A lubricant may have been poured upon the road to reduce friction. Some Egyptologists propose a straight, gently sloping, linear ramp, some propose a steep staircase ramp, and others propose a ramp that spiraled up the four sides of the pyramid. In most ramp scenarios, the volume of the ramp exceeds the volume of the pyramid structure itself, raising the possibility that the stones of the upper reaches were placed using levers, or perhaps a modified ramp of some sort. No one knows if the builders deliberately or inadvertently left the capstone off. The pyramids were usually placed on the western side of the Nile because the pharaoh's soul was meant to join with the sun disc during its descent before continuing with the sun in its eternal round. We all know that Great Pyramid was worked by the slaves like what the ancient Greek Historian/ Father of History Herodotus described the pyramid builders as slaves. But according to Egypt's archaeology...
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