Persuasive Speech Graphic Organizer

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Persuasive Speech Graphic Organizer
Fill in each box with the required information. By completing this organizer, you will have the majority of your speech finished and ready to present.



Hook/Lead-In Statement - Introduction of Topic:

The Hook or Lead-in might (1) provide an anecdote or example that helps to illustrate your topic, (2) use an interesting detail, statistic or quote or (3) ask a provocative question. Regardless of your approach, you will need to lead the audience know about the broad subject of your speech.

Your introduction should start on a general level with a hook to draw the audience in and gradually focus in on the specific topic of the speech. In the introduction, the listener should find the main idea of the speech expressed in a thesis statement. Also in the introduction, the reader should be able to tell what specific points supporting the thesis will be discussed and in what order they will be developed.

Three Main Points: The

three points of your speech that back up your thesis statement. You should introduce them in your introduction.

Thesis Statement:
to prove in your speech.

What you are trying

Now to move on to your first point...

First Point
First Point:
After a transitional phrase, the first thing you should give is your point.

The three main points provide evidence from your research and discuss how it supports/proves your thesis. Primary support sentences are general statements which support the topic sentence. The secondary support sentences which support the primary support sentences, provide specific details, quotes, statistics or real-life examples.

Evidence: Provide several specific details/facts that help prove or support your thesis. Keep in mind the three types of appeals we discussed. Be sure to tell where this information comes from (title/author, name, etc). Consider using quotes as well as specific paraphrasing.

Discussion: How does the evidence...
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