‘Only God Has the Right to Interfere with Our Genes' Do You Agree?

Topics: DNA, Genetics, James D. Watson Pages: 4 (1374 words) Published: March 16, 2006
The word gene comes from the word for ‘origin' in Greek. Genes are sections of DNA that determine the structure of a protein. They are the foundation of all life on earth. They form and decide the characteristics of every living creature and the genes that exist today are there because they have been successfully reproduced in the past. The DNA that determines the person that we grow into is created from half of each of our parents DNA. In the process of evolution certain genes have been eradicated in natural selection because the creatures that sprung from them were weaker than other creatures and did not survive. In most human societies life is seen to be valued equally and people who suffer from genetic disorders are supported and cared for instead of disregarded or left to die as they would be in animal societies. Genes are basically codes or instructions that inhibit or create in organisms cells. In recent years, scientists have learned how to manipulate parts of DNA by creating enzymes to remove or add certain genes. DNA is vastly complicated and organizations such as the Human Genome Project, which is trying to map all the genes in the human body, have helped people suffering from genetic diseases. Embryos that are produced for IVF treatment but not used can now legally be used for research into genetic diseases. In theory, a person could decide the exact appearance and nature of a child by manipulating genes in an embryo. Throughout history groups of people have been targeted as inferior or superior because they are born in a certain disposition perhaps supposedly seen as favorable in the eyes of God- genetic modification can change these aspects and would be no doubt advocated for by homicidal racist Adolph Hitler.

A religious person may harbor the controversial statement of which my essay concerns but I disagree, because I am an atheist and do not think god exists. I think humans have only their conscience and inbuilt survival instincts to guide...
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