Office Systems and Procedures

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Office Systems and Procedures
* Managing the trends and challenges of office network systems as a Result of new technology.
* To understand the designing and advantages of office system

Definitions by Zane K Quible
System. Interrelated procedures necessary to achieve a well-defined goal. Procedure. Related method necessary to complete work process. Method. Specific clerical or mechanical operations or activities

Question: What is the difference between procedure and method? Question 2: What are the differences between efficiency and effectiveness?

Objectives of Systems and Procedures
-the objectives for developing and utilizing systems differ from organization to organization. However some of the major objectives for using the systems concept are: 1. To bring efficiency in the utilization of the organizational resources.

-this means greater effectiveness and more economy
- effectiveness means prompt service to the customer depending upon customer needs. - more economy means higher productivity at lower cost, good utilization of personnel and equipment, inventories kept at optimum levels and many other aspects of operation.

2. To control operating Costs.
-systems are a basis for controlling operating costs. Current working results can be measured against standards. If any inconsistency is discovered, correcting measures to adjust methods of handling or to modify expectations can be undertaken.

3. To improve operating efficiency.
- it means that wasteful motions, delay and uncertainty are to be minimized, and at the same time responsibility for specific tasks is to be assigned , thereby leaving the boss free to do what he only can do. 4. To achieve the objectives of the organization.

- if systems are well designed and are used effectively, they help achieve the objectives of the organization, i.e., they ensure customer satisfaction, reduction in costs and higher profits.

Designing an Efficient Office System
* Efficient office system is the result of careful planning and design. When a new system is required to be developed, it would be appropriate to proceed through the following steps sequentially:

1. Determination of objectives and forms of office services. 2. Study and analysis of various office services.
3. Development of simple procedures and methods.
4. Simplification and improvement in procedures through the use of: a. Analysis of end product
b. Analysis of primary information
c. Analysis of methods
d. Mechanization of office services
5. Development of the systems

Values and Limitations of Management Systems
Systems make the following contributions to management effectiveness: 1. Focus upon end results. Purposes must be clearly discerned if systems are to be used effectively. Well-designed systems can go far forward insuring customer satisfaction, reduced costs, higher profits, etc.

2. Plan of action that is purposeful, orderly and efficient. Managers and employees are given a track to run on; waste motion, delay, and uncertainty can be minimized; responsibility for specific tasks can be assigned.

3. Coordination of specialized activities. The varied and sometimes conflicting interests of functional specialists can be fitted together in an overall pattern which best serves the entire enterprise.

4. Basis for Control. Current work can be guided, consistency achieved, results measured against standards, then reported to provide feedback necessary either to adjust methods of handling or to modify expectations. Characteristics of a Well-Designed System

1. Effectiveness. A system is effective if it accomplishes the purpose or achieves the goal for which it was established, within any time constraints imposed on the system.

2. Efficiency. A system must achieve its purpose at its cost less than the value of the objective and with a minimum of unsought consequences. (Economical)

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