"Of Mice and Men" Dreams Essay Example

Pages: 2 (977 words) Published: December 7, 2010
In life, dreams keep us motivated to keep on going. If we didn’t have dreams we wouldn’t have anything to look forward to each day of our life. Towards the end of the book the characters realize what has been keeping them going, only hopes and dreams that will never come true. In Steinbeck’s Novella Of Mice and Men, the ranch hands all have dreams that they hope will come true. Unfortunately dreams are one of those things that you can only hope will come true. Lennie, one of the major characters in Of Mice and Men that has hopes and dreams of his own that keep him motivated. When George talks about the dream ranch Lennie gets really excited about it even though he has heard it a thousand times. Lennie finds that having the “dream ranch” repeated to him, soothes his mind and makes him feel happy. Also, it allows him to have something to look forward to. Many times during the book Lennie mentions taking care of rabbits. Lennie likes the fact that he will be able to have something to take care of and that they will be his own. Also, letting him know that he will tend the rabbits work as an incentive for him not to get in trouble, the quote “But you ain’t going to get in no trouble, because if you do, I won’t let you tend the rabbits” (Steinbeck, 1993, 16) said by George, proves that Lennie will try to stay out of trouble as much as he can. Having a patch of alfalfa to feed to his rabbits is just another way to keep Lennie’s mind on working hard, and to keep him thinking about the ranch so he doesn’t get in trouble. Having a patch of alfalfa reinforces to Lennie that he will someday be living on the dream ranch whether he is dead or alive. Lennie soon realizes once he had killed Curley’s wife that his dreams have been crushed indefinitely. Lennie a major character had hopes and dreams that he wished would come true. George, a caring person that always has to deal with Lennies antics that has aspirations of his own. George always talks about how they will get a piece...
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