Topics: Louis XVI of France, Napoleonic Wars, Louis XVIII of France Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Napoleon: Hero or Tyrant?

By the late 1790's, France was in chaos, the republic failed to solve problems, and foreign nations were at war with France Napoleon Bonaparte seized power in 1799 and created a European empire. When Louis XVI Ed's executed during the French Revolution, many European nations attacked France keep revolutionary ideas from spreading A military officer named Napolean Bonaparte successfully defended France and became a military hero In 1799, Napolean staged a coup d'état (overthrow) of the French Republic and assumed power as a dictator. In 1800, the French people vote in favour of a new Constitution Napolean made a series of reforms to improve the government, economy, and lives for French citizens To fix the French economy, he introduced a fair tax system and a Bank of France to regulate the money supply He created a merit based system for government bureaucrats

He created public schools for students of all backgrounds
He issued s comprehensive set of laws called the Napoleonic Code that provided order, freedom of religion, and eliminated privileges by estates. In 1804, Napolean ordered an election and the French people voted Napolean emperor for life. Napolean wanted control of a global empire in North America and Europe But, the revolution in Haiti convinced Napolean to abandon North America In 1803, Napolean sold territory in Louisiana to the United States for 15 million; The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the USA. During the Napoleonic Wars, Napoleon sowed his military genius by debating Austria and Prussia and conquering Spain, Italy, and central. During his rule over Europe, Napoleon made a number of devastating decisions. The one nation Napoleon could not defeat was England.

He ordered a blockade, called the Continental System, to cut off all trade with England. The Continental System was a failure and hurt the French economy more than England's economy. Napoleans insistence that nations obey French laws...
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